Just Cause 3 Story, World Size Details Revealed

Game takes place "several years" after Just Cause 3

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Massacred1409d ago

Now here was a game that actually warranted a sequel. Take Notes Ubisoft.

guitarded771408d ago

How did I miss that this game was officially announced?

Palitera1409d ago

"Game takes place 'several years' after Just Cause 3"


Sm00thNinja1409d ago

Just Cause 3 takes place several years after Just Cause 3. Vindaloop Achieved

-Foxtrot1409d ago

This is honestly my most atticapted title in a long time

Lots of improvements

No multiplayer

Same tone of past games

viperman2401409d ago

Same here, I had lots of fun with Just Cause 2.

And apparently they said there wont be any micro transactions. Those leaked screenshots were an ancient build according to one of the devs

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