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Lords of the Fallen graces our consoles and comes with a new breed of challenge. But does it stand up to the plate or fall flat on its face? Find out in our review.

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Hellsvacancy1343d ago

A 5 seems a bit harsh, is it really that bad?

TheXploder1342d ago

5/10 does not mean the game is bad. It just means the game is average, very average.

In my eyes this is just not up to par with it's competition. A great new IP with an amazing art style, sound design and enemy design. But with lack luster challenge and a pathetic reason to commit to a NG+, I just cannot give it a good to great score. 5 works as it is that average.

Hellsvacancy1342d ago

You know better more than me dude, i've not even played the game yet

Looks like it'll be a rental title one day

CrowbaitBob1342d ago

Average for review scores is somewhere between 7 and 8. That may not make sense to a math major, but it's the way the gaming industry is set up. 5/10 equals failure in game reviews, just like it does in the US educational system.

Joher1342d ago

For me this game is not bad and average. Lords of the Fallen is great game - for me of course. Everyone have another opinion. I think everything depends on that we play a lot before in Dark Souls:P

Aon1339d ago

I think this game have a lot of supporters which think this is very good Action-RPG game. 5/10 is too low score to this game. Honestly it is worth something like 8/10.