Why Gamergate Was Inevitable

Geeks Under Grace writes:
"This isn’t a post to agree with any side of Gamergate, nor is this a comprehensive article that will cover every aspect of what is going on in Gamergate. This is simply my side of the story and why I think that, regardless of when or who would have initiated Gamergate, it was bound to happen."

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thorstein1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

On journalistic integrity:

I am wondering...if it is possible that publishers and developers are "paying" for positive reviews and press, is it also possible for the same thing to be done for bad reviews and press for the competition?

We know that advertising companies have employees whose only job is to use social media to promote products and pose (and post) as just an average user that likes a product (guerrilla advertising). It is certainly possible for these same companies to bash the competition online, stoking fanboy wars and clickbait articles. Viral advertising can work against the competitor.

It would certainly explain some of the hate towards gaming lately.

9mmPreacher1340d ago

That's an interesting theory on competition paying for bad reviews. It seems feasible but unlikely in the ssense that a site that gives a bad review would run the risk of not receiving product from the developers of the product in the future

Deadpool6161340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Not too shabby, but I would like to point out something on the feminism aspect of the article. Feminist aren't against you just because of your beliefs. No, no, no. It goes farther back that than that. Thousands of years before any human documentation of history. They're against you just because you're a man. They're against you because of your "male privilege".

You have no weaknesses in their mind. A poor man living on the streets has more "privilege" than a woman that's a millionaire living in a beautiful mansion. Everything bounces off of you because you're a man. Not only a man...but a toxic man. You may ask "What's so toxic?" and well..heheh...the answer is your masculinity you dumb dumb head. Your Masculinity is offensive and the main cause of violence in society. Duh!

If there's a shooting anywhere in this country, where a nut goes on a killing spree or a war erupts. It doesn't have anything to do with his mental health or political/economical power struggles in feminist's minds. Oh no. It's the macho masculinity causing the killings. Do you see how scary that thinking can be?

Not all feminist are like this though. Some are good and have good intentions for equality. But there are some that lead the pack to promote vitriol towards men. Even using men to strike down other men. It becomes less about equality and more about setting a new standard to subjugate any male at the whim of a word. IF that word is true or false, it doesn't matter. The ends justify the means of gaining that power. Which is pretty sick stuff.

How do I know all this information? Google Geordie Tait's recent meltdown....*shivers*