PS4 Exclusive Announcement At PS Experience Might Be From Third Party Dev, It's Not Rockstar's Agent

According to report, PlayStation 4 exclusive announcement at PlayStation Experience event might be coming from "Third Party Developer".

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yarbie10001411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Exclusive is an exclusive - 3rd party or 1st party - doesn't matter.

Not sure why everyone hates on Microsoft for doing it - they all do it. It's to make your system stand out and offer a game you can't play anywhere else (or at least any other competitors console).

slate911411d ago

Don't worry, this site will adopt your point of view once Sony does it.

p.s. I agree with you

Ezz20131411d ago

it's going to be
The Last Red dead Guardian

Mark my words.

chrismichaels041411d ago

This PlayStation event is gearing up to be a great way to end an incredible first year for the PS4.


Shenmue 3 on PS4 excluisvely will make fans rage no doubt. I am almost sure it will be that game.

GameNameFame1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

You mean exclusive that gets ported in 6 months to a year?

Lololol that's not exclusive.

Especially MS don't own the ip

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XVRocklee1411d ago

Please be Agent !!!!!!!!!!!

SmielmaN1411d ago

It seems like it won't be Agent.

Could it be Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain?

CernaML1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

^uhhh no

That game was shown at a Microsoft press event. No way in hell would it suddenly be a PS4 exclusive.

Give me new announcements.

DoctorJones1411d ago

'Please be Agent !!!!!!!!!!! '

You'll still be saying that in 2025.

HaveAsandwich1411d ago

id rather there be no exclusives to anyone at all.

Clunkyd1411d ago

LOL thats something a PC fanboy would say.

we4201411d ago

@Clunkyd no that's something someone who doesn't give a f*** console wars would say.

MasterCornholio1411d ago

Only if they dont take away a multiplat from Xbox fans.


breakpad1411d ago

agree exclusives are the substance of owning a console ..pls let it be Dragons Dogma 2

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Dragon's Dogma 2 would be nice.

A Next Generation Tenchu Stealth Assassins would be explosive.

Tdmd1411d ago

Just by reading this I was already out of breath! Loved the first one so much!

Majin-vegeta1411d ago

TR is an established franchise already thats why people went ape shizznit over the announcement.For all we know this could be a brand new IP.

kneon1411d ago

And it had already been announced for other platforms and retailers were even taking pre-orders.

Copenhagen1411d ago

Everyone hates on MS for doing it for a very good reason here's why. When you do like Sony and Nintendo have done by fostering game development from first party studios it sends a message and that message is you're in it for the long haul. Having a good stable of first party studios shows that you genuinely have an interest in the gaming space and that you're not just one foot in one foot out. Both Sony and Nintendo are and have been in the game longer and have shown this isn't just a project or an experiment. MS had all of last generation to acquire first party studios and build up their stable of developers and they didn't do it. MS has always been one foot in one foot out and have shown people that they aren't genuinely invested long term in gaming. They have established a pattern they go heavy with games and paid for exclusives the first part of a new generation and then they slack off and don't continually support their platform throughout an entire generation which is probably why they've never won a generation ever. Buying up games and playing keep away from other platforms which is what they do in a false attempt to bolster their gaming portfolio is not only frowned upon it's a sleazy move and this generation it also hurts developers who get paid to go exclusive to the xbox one because it limits the sales and exposure their games get because the xbox is being outsold 2 to 1 worldwide sure the developers get paid but it's debatable if in the end it's worth it for them Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive are a good example. Microsoft doesn't support their consoles throughout an entire generation because they don't have the first party studios to do it and unlike Sony and Nintendo they don't take risks with new games and because of that they play it safe with sequel after sequel. Forza is a good example of them doing this as well as Halo and Gears and Fable. MS doesn't care about gaming or gamers the xbox one is a fine example of this. They ignored their core customers and chased the casual players Nintendo has and it backfired on them and damaged the brand which is why they're where they are today.

ziggurcat1411d ago


"Not sure why everyone hates on Microsoft for doing it"

the issue isn't so much MS getting 3rd party exclusives - the issue is dumping money to turn what were multiplatform titles when they were announced into exclusive/timed exclusive titles.

for example, i don't think anyone had a problem with scalebound being MS exclusive because it was *announced* as an exclusive.

PizzaSteve1411d ago

Exactly. Sony isn't buying up games like Tomb Raider and Minecraft which are already on multiplatform. Sony is more respected by the gamers cause they invest in more new ip's whether it's 1st or 3rd party.

TheWatercooler1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

A theory.

Could it be the next Deus Ex?. Here's my reasoning.

Four days before E3 the logo leaked for the next Deus ex game yet the game was a no show. Around the same time there was a rumor going round that a major third party game was pulled from Sony's show last minute. We know it is in development.

Second someone saw the game and made a post about how fanboy's would rage. This means that it is probably significant but not super huge like mass effect etc.

Then Microsoft was given Tomb raider exclusivity by Square enix. In return could they have given Deus ex to Sony?

ziggurcat1411d ago

"Then Microsoft was given Tomb raider exclusivity by Square enix."

timed. it's timed exclusivity.

SmielmaN1411d ago

Interesting idea. I thought the last Deus Ex was incredible (except the strange ending).

gangsta_red1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Very true Yarbie.

People keep saying it's different when MS does it but it's not. Just because it's a new IP from a third party doesn't make it any different.

Just because No Man's Sky is a new IP, does it make it any less desirable for a Xbox player to want to play the game as a PS user would want to play the new Tomb Raider game?


I saw No Man's Sky and I personally would love to play it when first comes out more so than the new Tomb Raider, but Sony made sure to keep it out of the hands of all gamers. (I actually read someone post that about Tomb Raider, too funny)

Hilarious when people say it's ok when a new IP is involved but I seem to remember the same folks going ham when Titanfall was a third party exclusive and how a lot of these same people were saying MS is killing the game industry with these practices. But as soon as Sony does it with No Man's Sky, Hellblade and potentially this new announced 3rd party's ok...because it's a new IP or Sony nurtures their 1st parties so they can do it. It's the scramble city defense as most here have to back peddle after raging hard on MS.

It's always some lame pass given to Sony when they do the same, while MS gets the top heat with over 200 comments of people condemning them.

MonsterChef1411d ago

You are not getting it dude, people got mad when Microsoft got the tomb raider timed exclusive because that what was previously stated to be on all platforms in 2013 e3 its trailer included all platforms last gen and this gen but then Microsoft just flat out spent money to prevent it from coming to other platforms that's the problem it shows that Microsoft isn't a risk taker and rather than invest in a new IP from a third party it just gobbled up an established franchise from one, are you seeing the picture I'm glad your all getting scalebound and what not

OB1Biker1411d ago

I think No Mans Sky couldnt be developed on 2 platforms at the same time.. probably coming to Pc and then Xbone eventually

gangsta_red1407d ago


"Microsoft just flat out spent money to prevent it from coming to other platforms..."

Yea and Sony spent money to keep No Man's Sky off other platforms. There is no difference! Just because one was established and the other isn't doesn't make the first one any less desirable.

It's just more spin and manufactured hatred towards MS but when Sony does it you guys come with the best excuses ever to justify it.

"..that Microsoft isn't a risk taker and rather than invest in a new IP from a third party.."

Sunset Overdrive
Quantum Break

Just what in the hell are you talking about? Those are FOUR third party exclusive titles that MS is backing and heavy! The fact you can post that and not put a /s is beyond amazing.

Moe-Gunz1411d ago

It's only a problem when you release a sequel exclusive to a console after the previous installment was on both. People have a problem with that because it's like giving your fans a middle finger.

ABizzel11411d ago

Hmm this could mean a lot.

Most likely:
It could be a 3rd party exclusive that was multipatfrom which would make people "Rage" just like the Tomb Raider announcement depending on the game.

Somewhat Likely:
It could be a game build on the "Rage" Engine by Rockstar. GTA San Andreas Stories or a new exclusive.

Least Likely:
It could be a sequel to id Games "Rage 2".

DragoonsScaleLegends1411d ago

Name a game on PS4 that had already released on all platforms and then the sequel was bought out to be exclusive to one platform. Microsoft has done this several times since they don't know how to make games. I would be fine with a 3rd party game going exclusive as long as it wasn't a sequel to a game already released to everyone.

Patrick_pk441411d ago

You don't pay a developer to turn a multiplat form exclusive into a timed or a permanent exclusive, which is a common practice from Microsoft.

callahan091410d ago

Is the PS Experience event live streamed somewhere, video presentation?

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Unarmed_Civilian1411d ago

I think its from a japanese publisher, some reboot of an older series.

lashes2ashes1411d ago

Funny. No chance of Bethesda doing a exclusive deal for fallout or elder scrolls.

DragoonsScaleLegends1411d ago

I'm pretty sure Microsoft could change anyones mind.

Massacred1411d ago

Doubtful. More likely that will be revealed at the video game awards this year.

Massacred1411d ago

Man, been waiting since 2009 to hear more about Agent. Same boat as the Last Guardian for me.

Rimgal1411d ago

"If it’s going to make people rage, it’s for a good reason."

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