PS Dekavita pre-orders available Nov. 11-30

Details on the PS Dekavita for release in 2015

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ramiuk11341d ago

why would someone get this over a vita?

DragoonsScaleLegends1340d ago

Because they already have a PS TV and money to spend.

Baylex1339d ago

Because with your Vita you can't play on your TV. And with the PS TV you can now do both things! Which is actually a really good thing, the problem is the 7 inch screen, could be 6.. And the price !!

user55757081340d ago

GL with the dekavita i'll be waiting to read the next article where sony sends you a cease and desist when you're 95% done with development

kayoss1340d ago

For a moment I thought Sony came up with this Frankenstein looking thing. Thought to myself, " whatever life the vita has left was just given a very very violent push into the world of Hades." But then after reading it, I gave a sigh of relief.

Ju1340d ago's got a 7 inch screen...for the blind ones like myself.

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TheDarkMage1340d ago

It allows streamed content vs cartridge output but you're right the non touchscreen does dampen things quite a bit

Eidolon1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

And the PS Vita isn't able to stream content? It's the same hardware AFAIK, and both support Remote Play and PS Now. I don't know how this eliminates cartridges... am I crazy??!?

Eidolon1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

Wtf.... is this a joke?

Agent_00_Revan1340d ago

$172!?! + $100 for the PlayStation TV.

What the f***...........WHY!?

1340d ago
Ju1340d ago

...and then hook it up to your TV...oh...wait...

telekineticmantis1340d ago

Looks a little more comfortable. They need a physical revolution of the vita, it's so uncomfortable using it in 3rd person and First person games. I and many other gamers are so used to having the controller inbetween you and the screen. And also, the analogs are uncomfortable , the psps are better, using those vita analogs while playing makes a kind of see-sawing motion, kinda feels like it's leaning out of your grip.If they could raise the screen, move the analogs towards the middle like the PS4, make back and the sides, convex and have a grip somewhat like the DS4, then youll have a real gaming machine.

Vipre771340d ago

I agree. My Vita has always felt weird in my hands by itself. It really needs a set of grips installed. I don't like having to grip the thing with just my finger tips. I want to be able to rest the bottom edge of the Vita against the meaty part of my palms near the base of my thumbs. Really wrap my hands around the thing. It just feels like it's always perched a little precariously in my hands and it's not like I have a huge set of mitts over here either. I never take my Vita out of the house because I'm always afraid of dropping the thing and trashing it.

I've thought about adding a set of the aftermarket grips on mine, but I never did it because then it most likely wouldn't fit in my case anymore and it'd be a nuisance to remove it to put the Vita on the charging cradle I have.

Th3o1340d ago

Soooo the point of this is? I dont't get it..They also say nothing about battery...also the lcd quality was never mentioned.

I mean at 172$ u can prob buy a used or even new PS Vita for a little more...if this was 50$ (beacuse it looks semi cheap) or even 100$ if it promised more hours out of battery I could see a place for this, but it's way too expensive and the quality looks meh...let's not forget it looks HUGE.

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