File size for the PS4 version of Far Cry 4

The file size has been revealed for the PS4 version of Far Cry 4.

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ramiuk11289d ago

The file size is now available for the PlayStation 4 release of Far Cry 4. The Sony Entertainment Network store update its page for the videogame, revealing that the file takes 21.8 GB of space on the hard drive of the system. If you find that total too much for your bandwidth to handle, you can opt to buy the disc version (which installs the data from the physical media) right now on Amazon with this link.

oODEADPOOLOo1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I have a decent internet connection and even use a powerline adapter, but I still prefer physical discs, usually better discounts/trade-in value and nothing beats seeing your collection in person.

Rimeskeem1289d ago

Wow, not that much compared to other games.

InTheZoneAC1289d ago

makes you wonder if this game is really a port from the last gen versions...

a vast game like this with enhanced graphics and more detail, you think the game would've been double this install size...

it looks great, we'll see if the reviews show any signs that this game isn't complete in some way.

AdmiralSnake1289d ago

Stop judging the game based off a god damn install size.

Mister_Audrey1289d ago

Who cares? Ubisoft games are an automatic skip.

fallacious1289d ago

For now I'm gonna have to agree. Everyone should've lost trust in Ubisoft after what happened with ACU. And all the PR crap they recently did about parity and whatever.

LamboNexus1289d ago

Should have lost trust before ACU. Watch dogs = disaster.

ramiuk11289d ago

i have lost trust in ubisoft as have millions of others but i cant skip farcry haha.
but i will complete it and sell on straight away at a decent price so they will lose the 2nd sale.
its just i only paid £18 for it new so cant refuse it

Shakalak1289d ago

So I got an early copy of the game on ps4 today I'm about 2 hours in , I give a very quick impressions of the game!!
It's still far cry, if u played far cry 3 it's still the same , if u loved it and want more definitely pick this up. If not' it's nt gono change your mind on it.
It's got more. More guns f**k more guns I mean loaaaads more weapons! always a good thing
More animals to hunt and more wild life means the levels feel much more alive.
The graphics are like far cry 3 but feels like running on a high end PC, looks very sharp new effects with lighting and other tech stuff that I'm nt a expert on but looks good. Very sharp bt not like ooh shit it's next gen next gen if you know what I mean.
Frame rate pretty solid 99 percent of time buttery smooth
Bugs not that I encountered yet, unlike AC unity lol
The new stuff I encountered so far are, grappling hook it's pretty cool, elephants pretty amazing. Some story missions that you could pick your path which side you wanna support.i still don't know if it effects the story but it says it will change the missions you get.
They don't mess about they pretty much give you everything early on the game, I still ain't gt the wing suit yet tho.
First impression this game looks and plays pretty solid. But have they played it to safe and similar to the old game that might put some people of if they want something revolutionary new?? Will have to see
The hunting, crafting system still there, the skill system still there,it looks like you can upgrade skills so much faster in this game.
New bad guys I encountered called the hunters, they seem pretty bad ass and they fuck you up if you don't be careful.
New bad guy played by troy baker, he dose an excellent job playing the villain,i like him more than vaas personally.

paul-p19881289d ago

GTA5 comes out on the same day (or is it same week) and that's double the size at 44gb.

Incredible compression, or loads of missing features/empty spaces? Only time will tell. Come on Ubisoft time to redeem yourself!!