The Many Terrible Reasons Why I Don't Buy Digital

Lack of support for digital console games is impacting our wallets and the video games industry at large. What keeps digital store prices so high? One of our writers explores how many gamers may be contributing.

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darthv721407d ago

I buy both digital and physical. some games just arent released in physical form and there is no other choice.

They both have their pros and cons. As a long time gamer (30+ years experience) I support the industry as a whole. some games you just have to hold in your hands while others are perfectly fine in digital form.

There is enough fun to go around no matter which type of consumer you are. I look for deals like the other person but sometimes that new release gets the better of me and I just have to have it no matter how it is packaged.

Eidolon1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Digital only is a given. I prefer getting the physical copy of the new $60 games because of the resale value :(.

XtraTrstrL1407d ago

When there's a choice, I guess you are usually buying physical then. Digital is rarely ever cheaper than physical, even though there is so much talk of the big companies wanting to go digital-only. They want to stay in good faith with stores like Gamestop, so they get as much profit as possible, so it takes digital longer to go down in price. I've been buying digital only so far on PS4, but it's very hard sometimes when you have a game still listed as $60 digitally and it's around $25 for the physical copy brand new.

TomShoe1407d ago

If there's a choice, I'll always go physical. Being on a budget means when I want a game, I will always try to get it as cheaply as possible. Digital sales just can't keep up with retail right now.

Eidolon1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I Gamefly most games, but if I really want the game bad and fast, I'll buy on release and try to be done with and get back most my money. Usually the ps store sales is when I get my digital games. And yeah, digital prices are kind of ridiculous compared to physical/used.

Dirtnapstor1407d ago

That and the fact that I can get most new games below cost because of retail incentives.

ShinMaster1407d ago

Games have gotten to big lately.

I only buy smaller games digitally.

For bigger titles I buy physical.

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Codey471407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

With also 30 plus years of gaming service...I vowed I wouldn't purchase "current/next gen" digital version of games due to the cost versus physical. I never sell or trade physical games(even if the title happens to be the worst game ever).

But to be honest.. I've embraced it only for one reason alone and that reason is remote play. I can play most of PS4 Library on my Vita 100 miles away from the console itself.
And it's also a blessing that my internet connection can download a 50gb game in under two hours.

jahfen831407d ago

I was going to do all digital until PSN went down and I couldn't even play the single player of all games cause it couldn't verify the license. After that, I said never again.

Pro_TactX1407d ago

"The many terrible reasons..."? Throughout the entire article the author only listed one single reason: The price of buying retail vs. the price of buying digital.

vikingland11407d ago

I buy both although I have bought mostly digital in the last year. My closest game store is in another town 15 miles away. Sometimes I just don't want to make the drive so I buy digital. But I still actually love the physical version. But I also like the no disc swapping with the digital version. It's quite a delema going on in my brain lol.

our_games_are_art1407d ago

I'll buy physical if I plan on trading a game in but for the most part I buy digital. Any online multiplayer games I own I definitely get digital I'd hate having to get up and swap disc for a few rounds of pvp. Still the price could be lower on digital

Eidolon1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

You can "share" digital version by activating primary console(PS) or transferring content licences(xbox). I wish I had done this for some games I purchased 2 of so I can play with my brother.

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