Costume Quest 2 Review - NWR

"Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. Who doesn’t enjoy having a bunch of candy lying around? Sure, it might cause a few cavities or two if you aren’t careful, but as long as you're moderate with your sweets, you’re good. In the new Wii U RPG Costume Quest 2, however, this plea is ignored by Dr. Orel White, DDS. He intends on going through both the past and the future in order to create a dystopian society in which candy and costumes are illegal. It’s up to Wren and Reynold, stars of the first Costume Quest game (sadly not released on any Nintendo consoles), along with some friends they meet both in the past and future to ensure Halloween can be enjoyed through all time. With a fun story, witty characters and engaging gameplay, Costume Quest 2 is one of the great Wii U eShop titles that stands out above the rest."

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