Nvidia Grid: Like Netflix, but for PC games

Just today, Nvidia has unveiled a brand new new cloud-based streaming service known as “Grid.”

In short, Nvidia Grid allows users of Nvidia’s Shield line of products (i.e. Shield, Shield Tablet) to stream various, select PC games from Nvidia’s launch catalog. Grid is expected to arrive in Europe sometime in in December, with Asia next year.

For those who own various GeForce GTX graphics cards, Nvidia has also discussed the possibility of extending Grid to Nvidia GPU owners sometime in the future, however their current focus is on the Shield family of products.

Owners of Shield products will be able to access free preview of Grid until June 30, 2015. After that period of time, Nvidia has said they will re-evaluate, and most likely move toward a subscription-based pricing model…like Netflix, but for PC games.

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DesertFoxJr1284d ago

...very interesting. Would love to see it extend to Geforce graphics card users.

Muzikguy1283d ago

Yes this is interesting. Hopefully it does well and takes off. One thing I can see coming from this is a better print structure for PSNow. You know, because of the "competition". I like it!

Roccetarius1283d ago

Thanks, but no thanks. The Netflix of video games doesn't sound appealing one bit, mainly because you're still at the mercy of someone's servers across the world.

DesertFoxJr1283d ago

There is the potential of issues coming up with that. I think the overall concept is pretty cool.

Pandamobile1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

The servers aren't "across the world", they're set up as data centres in populated areas just like every other distributed system on the planet.

If anyone has the ability to make cloud gaming a realistic option for people, it's Nvidia. They've got the financial means to make it work, and they've got the hardware to do it it too. Grid can also be used for enterprise software too, so you can literally take high-end PC software of all sorts and stream it to a tablet from anywhere with an internet connection.

It was a pretty rough around the edges when OnLive tried it for the first time, but the tech has matured substantially since then.

SteamPowered1283d ago

Absolutely wonderful. I cant wait to try this on my Shield. I do game streaming to my Shield all the time so I am anxious what this new service will bring. That Shield is worth its weight in gold. If you havent tried one out, I strongly suggest you do so.

DesertFoxJr1283d ago

I've always been interested in a Shield tablet. Gotta replace my 1st-gen Nexus 7. Hmmm...

SteamPowered1283d ago

I have the shield portable. I decided to forgo the tablet simply because of convenience. The K1 tegra looks sexy in the tablet, but for sheer mobile excellence, I would go with the Shield Portable. Best $200 bucks I ever spent.

Destiny10801283d ago

here's an idea, why not play android games on your android device, are people really playing battlefield on a 8 inch screen

SteamPowered1283d ago

I play tons of Pc games on my shield every day through game-stream. Some games obviously play better than others on the screen depending on draw distances and such. I've played everything from wolfenstein to batman to bastion on it. It's pretty much portable perfection.

Bigpappy1283d ago

NVIDIA seems desperate to find a way to get some of those gaming dollars, without having to make deals with console makers. The shield failed, now they are trying this. Sounds a lot like PSnow. They should watch to see if Sony has any success before taking that leap. At least Sony owns some of what's on offer

Pandamobile1283d ago

Woah there cowboy, how exactly did the Shield fail? From what I've gathered, it turned out to be a pretty nice little handheld if you've got the hardware to support it. The Shield tablet is supposed to be pretty decent as well.

"Sounds a lot like PSnow"

No shit? Both are carbon copies of OnLive's original business model, just with different takes on it. Nvidia's Grid has been in the works for longer than PSNow, and also supports high-end enterprise software users through VMware.

Bigpappy1283d ago

Good that it found some support. Haven't been hearing anything about it, so I figured it was dead.

Are there any numbers to support this claim of doing well? I heard some of you say how nice it is, but him many others brought it? They are a lot of very nice device that fail to catch on.

user56695101283d ago

OuI knew someone was going to say it. Acting like Sony invented everything. Calling themselves gamers but only listen to Sony news. I been stream games from grid since Sept. And the beta has been over a year. Over a year. Let's not talk about how long they was putting this together or how all Sony moves are copies from other companies that their fanboys use to downplay. On live was dumb but somehow psnow is revolutionary? Shield product are great plus you can hook them up to TV on the go. Can't do that with vita. Playing gtasa on big screen at 1080p can vita do that.

Try to find ways to get them gaming dollars. The top gpu makers that's doing better than amd? What do you PS fanboys smoke crack

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