Assassin's Creed Unity: Montreal Studio Wants More Time For The Next

As you know about the release of the game Assassin's Creed Unity, Ubisoft is experiencing major problems. His game was released since the beginning of the week in the US and Canada and many buyers voiced their discontent, facing a game full of bugs, and knowing quite critical Falls FPS , on PS4 and Xbox One but also on PC. Ubisoft has promised a series of patches will be release soon in the coming days to fix all that, the firm is aware of the hectic out of her license mistress.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081374d ago

What? for more parity? no thanks!

KTF261373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

I think you can't really blame the developers
the publisher controls everything
the publisher have a deal with MS to make console parity
and they didn't gave an enough time to the developers because they want the game to be released for the holiday seasons

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Dude stop defending Ubisoft. Ubisoft are both the publisher and the developers are Ubisoft Montreal (Same s**t, different department). They are supposed to work together.

I put blame on the developers for not influencing the publishers that their product will be released as broken and potentially lose sales + credibility which would ruin future customers and relationships. And also Ubisoft publishers for being d**kheads and seeking profits. If your in it mostly for the profits, then I say get the hell out of the gaming realm and go to your basement and roll around in your beloved money

KTF261373d ago

I'm not defending Ubisoft
but Ubisoft Montreal is just a studio owned by the publisher Ubisoft

and the publisher knew about ACU condition before the release that's why they set the embargo after the release

Army_of_Darkness1373d ago

I wonder if ubisoft meant "glitch parity" on both consoles?? Cause I would be outraged if my opposing console had less glitches!

Anonagrog1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )


Do you really think the devs -- those folks that slogged away for years actually creating it and willingly crunching for weeks or months on end -- wanted the sum total of their efforts to result in the sort of condemnation that's come about?

I can't help but feel bad for them myself (the dev team that is). As far as being a programmer goes there are certainly plenty of industries out there that are better paying and much less demanding on a person, so you really don't join the game industry for it's money that's for sure! It's all too easy to burn out; a combination of passion and necessity that all too often sees the former lose out to the latter. Yeah, so that taken into account, having their hard work berated like it has been probably sucked no end, especially as it must've been fairly clear to them that there were unresolved issues likely to mar it's release, with ultimate decision-making authority in the higher-ups' hands! :P

LegoIsAwesome1373d ago

After their mess you still believe in ubisoft?? I used to be a BIG UBISOFT FAN. but after unity's released my trust had been assassinated. Especially the "PARITY" shit they said. They want parity? WOw. I CAN SEE THE PARITY BETWEEN PS4/XONE. So clear brothers. The parity ubisoft said.

Plus for the rogue, they market shay with his templar costume with a hood, and it turns out it is not even included in the game?? LOL. Im really a AC/UBI fan. But after this released? Maybe not so much.

KTF261373d ago

you really misunderstood me
I'm not defending Ubisoft
what I meant is the developers didn't have an enough time to complete the game because the HEAD OF UBISOFT want to release the game for the holiday seasons.

we should blame ubisoft not the developers inside ubisoft

freshslicepizza1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

can we stop with this parity stuff unless anyone has actual proof? watchdogs, a game marketed by sony was also shoddy. did microsoft make sure that game ran terrible too? unity is performing poorly on every platform. you have computers that cost over a grand that are having frame rate issues and glitches too.

they should stop the annual releases and make sure the assassin creed games are given the time they need, not forcing them to come out every fall.

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badz1491373d ago

...for the next? already? WTF? so they are gonna leave Unity broken as it is?

Steptoe1373d ago

I don't think there really was parity. I think they came out with that when they realised the game was running terrible on both consoles.

ironfist921373d ago

Please dont announce an AC game next year.

Release the next one in two years, your other games need help right now with optimisation and such.

badz1491373d ago

too late. I think they are working on it already. at the very least, I think they will release AC Rogue definitive edition for PS4, Xbone and PC.

Christopher1373d ago

Doesn't matter if they have more time or not. What matters is what upper management forces them to put into the game and how much time it takes to make that happen. The problem is that developers aren't able to decide how long it takes, that's what management does. And management's decisions are based on a need to release at the best time of the year to sell their game, not the best time of the year for when the developers are happy with the quality of the game.

g-nome1373d ago

Time for the series to be laid to rest.

contradictory1373d ago

Please take more time to actually make your product finished... the optimization problems with unity were dreadful

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