With PlayStation Vue on PS4, The Xbox One Might Be in More Trouble

Sony is launching a cloud television streaming service called PlayStation Vue, and when it does it’ll be just one more thing the PS4 might have over Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

At its core, PlayStation Vue is an easy way to get content without having to sign up for a contract with a big cable company like Comcast or Verizon. The service is live television and on-demand streaming rolled into one. The live streaming works just as users might expect it to. Users simply flip to a channel they want to watch and a video feed from that channel shows up just like it would if they had a cable subscription.

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mhunterjr1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Not so fast. You still need the cable company to provide the Internet service & they aren't very happy to see people using the web to access TV. The Supreme Court thinks cable companies should be able to throttle or charge people extra $ for using streaming services. They also think that ISPs should be able to charge content providers for speedy connection to consumers. This undoubtedly is an attempt to raise the cost of cord cutting. And the Republican Party (who now controls congress) is opposed to net nuetrality legislation. Sony has a long way to go before this becomes a viable alternative to cable/satellite boxes in the eyes of the masses. I hope they can pull it off, but I don't see it happening soon.

neocores1344d ago

If u ready it tells you sony does not need permission from cable companys lol .

mhunterjr1344d ago

Who said anything about permission? I don't think you understand buddy.

PlayStation Vue requires internet access... The cable companies are for most Americans, the internet service providers. Stay with me now...

The ISPs don't like when you cut the cable cord, because they make less money. And as streaming services get more popular, it forces then to upgrade their infrastructure. You still with me?

So the cable companies lobbied the government to pass laws that will help them combat the competition from streaming services. These laws allow them to charge the streamers (PlayStation Vue, YouTube, Netflix, etc) for access to also allows them to charge consumers based on HOW they use their internet. For example, comcast could make you spend extra money if you want to be able access PlayStation Vue.

Do you get it now. The cable companies have the power to make these services too expensive to be isn't about permission, it's about power.

mikeslemonade1343d ago

My cable bill is $120 a month with the internet, tv, and phone. This will be a fraction of the cost. The cable companies are over charging just like how phone companies are these days, so this is a option is a good value to some people.

It wouldn't be an option for me because I watch sports and the only feasible way to watch sports is live TV from a conventional cable box.

mixolydian_id1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

I pay 45£ a month on BT Youview, Broad band 60 Mb/s Down and 15 Mb/s Up. House Phone. £3 a month on XBL.

And an account on Netflix paid my my other-halves brother.

I don't-want and likely-won't invest in a PS4 but the prospect of flipping the industry on it's arse is quiet intriguing.

They can do what they like... if it's more expensive... doesn't matter, if the service is solid and functions as cable does, then it's no different to it's competition.

Also, having the cable run through the pass-through is an awesome idea.
Snapping TV to the side of the screen is something I hadn't realised would be so useful. Damn near every game lobby I've been watching recorded TV I had missed from other nights of the week.

Having to access an app might drag out the process? My XB is set to boot up to TV (It's a shared device and my other half isn't a gamer, so needs to boot to TV to simplify her experience)

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )


Interesting comment.

But how would your ISP know if you're watching programs and movies from a PlayStation 4 or a laptop? How would your ISP even know that you're watching television programming and not playing an MMO like Final Fantasy 14? Even if your ISP were able to figure out what you're doing while your Playstation 4 is connected to the internet, (i'm pretty sure they can't) there are still privacy laws that prevent ISP's from acting on that information.

Your comment is interesting, but i'm pretty sure that Sony's legal team already had "privacy" covered before they decided to launch these services.

TI_211343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

@IGH2NW That's quite simple. They aren't going to look what you are doing. They'll simply throttle any connection from the service provider(Sony)'s servers.

Christopher1343d ago

***But how would your ISP know if you're watching programs and movies from a PlayStation 4 or a laptop? How would your ISP even know that you're watching television programming and not playing an MMO like Final Fantasy 14?***

Different ports for different data. Also, all they need to do is recognize the source of the data you're receiving and throttle that. It doesn't need to be throttled on your end, it will be throttled on the end that is sending the data. That's what Verizon did with Netflix.

mhunterjr1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )


What you don't seem to understand is that cable companies want to indirectly raise the cost by charging content providers a premium on access to their customers. This will force those content providers to pass those added costs onto consumers...

Instead of lowering cable prices to be more competitive, they want to force the competition to raise their prices.


They'll cut it off at the source. they'll charge the content provider (Netflix,Hulu,PS Vue, etc) extra for speedy access to customers. And those who don't comply won't have the ability to offer a good streaming service.

At the user end, they'll continue to cap/throttle those who use the most data. Anyone who primarily streams the TV content they watch is going to be an easy target since those HQ and HD streams are so data intensive.

MysticStrummer1343d ago

"the only feasible way to watch sports is live TV from a conventional cable box."

I watch live sports through the internet all the time.

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ramiuk11343d ago

i already have tivo in uk,so this is no use to me.
infact most people have tv so its kinda pointless surely?

TheLEGENDofTydo1343d ago

Well there is also this thing as being "grandfathered" in. My ISP cannot raise the price on my plan so i'm all good.

Cha0tik1343d ago

You are right about this but when you go against the Cable company and threaten to switch to the competition that usually pushes the cable company to back off because once they realize that you could switch to the competition without ever getting cable from the competition and receive no issues at all that's when they realize they are losing money from the customer as a whole they realize they fucked up. They have yet to make it a requirement to have some sort of cable plan with your internet. Till then that law is irreverent. Why do I say that? because I'm one of the people with ONLY high speed internet and a Netflix account. Cable companies aren't entirely stupid. They know there is competition and they know with that competition they can lose customers by fighting shit like Netflix.

uth111343d ago

A lot of your cable bill goes to pay for channels most people don't want or need, and these companies keep pressing cable and satellite companies to pay more or they black out popular channels.

Cable companies should be able to create internet-only packages and still profit from them.

mhunterjr1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

As much as I hate the cable companies, I don't envy their position. They are getting squeezed by popular channels on one side, then losing customers to streaming services on the other, then those customers put added strain on their internet infrastructure.

If they were smart, they would allow a la carte cable plans. Just allow us to pay a fair price for just the channels we want... that would make people less likely to cut the cord.

In any matter, they need to get on the right side of the net nuetrality conversation, and offer more competitive services instead of stifling competition.

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chaosx1344d ago

Bye Bye netflix on the PS4 then .... Sony dont like sharing platforms with competitors... Look at EA access.

Eonjay1344d ago

That makes no sense. What does Netflix have to do with live TV? Also sony alrady offers a video streaming service and it nerve impacted Netflix.

OCEANGROWNKUSH1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Never gunna happen

SolidDuck1344d ago

I agree with u guys. But the cable companies have to be careful. Cause most people have other options for Internet than just cable. So if they start charging people extra for Internet to use certain services, then people would be canceling both cable TV and cable internet.

mhunterjr1343d ago

There really aren't that many other options. Satellite isn't an option for gamers, and fiber optics roll outs have slowed dramatically, DSL is falling out of favor as well, and really doesn't offer the speeds techy folks have come to expect.

In many areas cable companies have a full fledged monopoly on broadband access.

krouse931344d ago

This looks great, if you check out the verge article on PlayStation Vue there you can see that there is some serious potential there. I for one would be on this instantly because I don't want to pay for a cable bill and I'd be able to utilize this on my PS4 easily!

Scatpants1343d ago

I cancelled my cable a while back. If this is cheap enough I'll probably sign up. I'm sure this will be making it's way to Vita and Playstation TV eventually as well which will be cool.

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