Amiibos will only hold data for one game at a time

Nintendo's amiibo figures will only hold data for one read/write compatible game at a time, according to the official Japanese site.

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Metallox1373d ago

My interest has gone from "You have my attention" to "Not even your mother wants them".

darthv721373d ago

Chances are...I would only be using certain ones for certain games. So this sort of limitation does not bother me.

I can see how it would bother others and perhaps there will be versions released that will let you hold more games/data or interchange the data between the system. Offload game data for smash into the system so you can load data to the amiibo for other games.

DarthZoolu1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

I told People months ago that amiibos was going to be bad and that it was a gimmick that's worse than DLC. I told a guy in the comments section that a usb drive could do everything an NFC figure could and he said I was crazy.

Well I was crazy to think Amiibos would be as good as a Usb drive. the entire point of Nintendo coming out with figures was to be able to use them across multiple games while keeping your stats. Well that wasn't really the point. the point was to sell anything they possibly could.

XisThatKid1372d ago

I mean I'm glad we're gettin em and all but come on I'd imagine We have had memory cards since 1995 at least in the major circuits. I don't want to be ungreatful but I think they might be missing something with the functionality of these things.

Angeljuice1373d ago

Amoebic amiibo's, who'd have thunk it?

R00bot1373d ago

This isn't quite as bad as it sounds, so far the only game that we've seen to actually write to the amiibos has been Smash Bros. All the other games just read from them without overwriting data. Chances are most games will do that, with only a few of them actually needing to write data.

N4g_null1373d ago

Not many games will write to the nfc anyway. Smash is going to be the main game that does this. Amiibo just need an bank type of folder to store purchases on your wiiu hardware. No where says you can't use it as a save or player data with other games. It holds one at a time and that isn't even an option for most nfc products. Nintendo is letting us figure out how to use that data. With an online account and Amiibo you could mimic the write function also. I would rather save a players data on the system or in an account rather than on the card anyway.

pcz1373d ago

this is why nintendo are losing because they are selling weak gimmicks. and yes it is a weak gimmick when it defies all logic. when purchasing an amiibo one would expect the amiibo to have enough memory to store data for multiple games. it really is such a fail move that it renders the entire thing useless.

amiibo's just went from weak gimmick with some potential to grow into something interesting, to totally useless gimmick which is an offense to the intelligence of consumers.

i was always baffled by ammiibo and the direction nintendo might take with it, and now with this poor integration and foresight from nintendo it reduces amiibo to little more than glorified toys.

they are nice little figures, but nintendo have blown their idea of them being anything more than that.

Ck1x1372d ago

So honestly you have no clue how reading and writing to NFC works then? Writing to the NFC device is the only limitation it has, but of course this must be Nintendo's fault and not the technology as a whole.

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shaw981373d ago

Ok. I am probably going to use my Mayro for smash. Joshy for woolly world, Lonk for the new zelda game, Haven't decided for Mayro krat. I really don't mind as I will most likely just have them for collectibles. (mis spells intentional)

Concertoine1373d ago

This is disappointing... a huge factor of my purchase intent was that it would work with a variety of games. This wont apply to unlockable content like in HW but for custom characters like Smash bros.

darthv721373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Technically...they will work for a variety of games. Just not at the same time. Its a downer but not something that wont be fixed at some point.

It is like the memory card days. you have a memory card that hold so many blocks of data and you happen to get a game that exceeds that amount you have available. you either erase some data to make room or you get another card.

but then companies figured out to add more data banks to these cards. So we may at some point see an amiibo that has multiple banks of storage. You can flip a little slide switch to change between banks.

who knows.....

DarthZoolu1373d ago

How is it anything like a memory card when you could save as many games as you had space for? I don't remember any memory cards that you had to buy a card for every game.

BigDuo1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

ah double post.

N4g_null1373d ago

Smash is the only game that will have custom characters anyway. Each developer defines what an Amiibo does. So yeah they will work on multiple games.

Concertoine1373d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

How do we know? Theres plenty of games with amiibo support coming out.

BigDuo1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

This news isn't exactly a surprise. The Amiibo figurines are only meant to save data from Smash Bros. It's not a coincidence that the current lineup of Amiibo are all based on the character designs and poses of their in-game Smash Bros trophies. Any other game you use your Amiibo figurine to unlock non-essential content for, will simply have the figurine unlock the content in those games without overwriting your Smash Bros data. I imagine Nintendo can even provide a firmware update to allow you to save your other non- Smash Bros Amiibo content to your hard drive/built-in flash memory, assuming they didn't already provide that in the latest firmware update.

Nintendo also said that it will be replacing some Amiibo figurines with limited edition figurines in the future, as well as other types of Amiibo collectables, such has in the form of player cards. It is considering releasing some generic versions of certain characters, like say, Mario, so that there will be a 2nd Mario Amiibo that you can use to store your sava data on, since it cannot do it with your Smash Bros-themed Mario Amiibo on just one Amiibo figurine.

ZeekQuattro1373d ago

WellI guess I'll have to cancel my preorder... Is that what I'm supposed to say? Nope. I can't wait too get these in the mail along with Smash Bros next week.

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