Big Screen Gaming Made Faster By Screeneo

Johnny - "Serious gamers and those that love to play games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo or the Assassins Creed franchise, will be thrilled by today’s revelation from Sagemcom – that its Screeneo ultra short throw projector, sold under Philips brand, has an incredible 16.6ms time lag and a 0.1ms response time. Proving you can game faster and better on a big screen!"

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ramiuk11374d ago

crap reviews

i stick with my 1080p one thats stuck to my roof

skywalker09061374d ago

What Hi-Fi enjoyed it! Gave it 4 stars. Guess it depends on what you want it for.

Hate time lag when gaming, so might give this a go!

MousenJoypad1374d ago

I am going to give this a go myself, I have always wanted a projector for gaming and this may be it. I have also been looking around and although reviews are mixed, I think you are right about what you want from it.