'Our Game is 480p. Yeah, It’s Low Resolution, And Very Intentionally So'

'I don’t think anybody actually cares about this with 2D games,' says Heart Machine's Alex Preston.

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GodGinrai1374d ago

From the first moment, I saw this game, I wanted it. It looks so damn cool!

cleft51374d ago

The game looks cool, my only concern is how will the menus look on my large 1080ptv. Higher resolutions can benefit pixel style, it makes the pixels look really sharp. Long as the game looks good I am fine and this game seems cool.

KiwiViper851374d ago

Ye the menu's are my biggest concern too

XanderZane1374d ago

The game looks pretty good. Don't really care what resolution it is as long as the game is fun.

Halo2ODST21374d ago

True. games are about having fun, not ridiculously high resolutions which doesn't make it any funner, just benefits visual style, many games have paid heavily because of this primitive style, that visuals are more important than a fun inuitive game

Perjoss1374d ago

If a low resolution is fitting to the art style then sure why not. Metal Slug still looks amazing if you play it on an old CRT TV, or if you set up your emulator to mimic an old TV with scanlines etc.

GodGinrai1374d ago

I love scanlines on 2D games. Reminds of the still shots from old magazines like mean machines and old school CVG.

jayzablade1374d ago

Mean first gaming mag!!
I used to think Rad was the coolest guy alive....and Jaz with his mullet!!!
Check this out for a retro kick!! :o)

GodGinrai1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )


Indeed. Julian"jaz" rignall was a don! and yes that mullet was crazy!

PS. Thanks for that link. Took me back to the 90s for a hot minute!

EDIT: suddenly I feel like playing midnight resistance on megadrive again!

big_dom_part_21374d ago

Back when gameing journalism actually meant something.

Inception1374d ago

You should try playing Metal Slug on vita. It looks good. To bad i can't play co-op with my bro...

Baka-akaB1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

"I don’t think anybody actually cares about this with 2D games"

I strongly disagree , there are plenty 2d games where a better resolution could help enhance the art or hide blemishes . especially more recent ones , over old games

But obviously it's taken out of context , and if it fits their game , then it fits

Inception1374d ago

Agreed. Muramasa Rebirth, Dragon's Crown, or Persona 4 Arena are using 2D graphic with high res and they all looks beautifull.

But like the devs said, if low res fits their style than so be it. I myself interested playing this on my vita.

Th3o1374d ago

Also raymann origins looks absolutely amazing.

Inception1374d ago


Yeah Rayman is beautifull. Valiant Hearts also looks great. If only Ubi make more games like Rayman / Valiant Hearts instead pumping Asscreed over and over every year.


Mate, you make me want to play KoF again. Hopefully next year we will hear more info about the new KoF / Fatal Fury.

paleselan11374d ago

I think Rayman is an excellent example of when 1080p is mighty fine

Halo2ODST21374d ago

These devs have more important issue than appealing to this infestation of casuals, with ridiculously high expectations for the visuals of these games, they don't care how it plays or what it offers, just that it looks sparkly ******

LightofDarkness1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

But it won't fit your art style on modern TVs. 480p content on HDTV doesn't look like it did on an old CRT. If you wanted to achieve that aesthetic, you should have done it like Shovel Knight, where they proportioned the pixels so it would look like an old pixel art game but at native resolution, so no blurry upscaled garbage, just clean cut pixels like it would have looked on an old TV.

And I heartily disagree with that "nobody cares about this with 2d games" idea. I care, and so do many others. Sounds like they're just taking the easy route and not putting in the time to polish things like Yacht Club games would have.

ThatOneGuyThere1374d ago

the PS1 was an AWESOME 2d machine, unfortunately, too many developers tried to force it to push 3d. I absolutely love clean, crisp, beautiful 2d graphics. I hate pixelated trash.

TheGrimReaper00111374d ago

No offence, but Sony was the one who pushed Developers to do 3D on the PS1

In fact, one of it's most critically aclaimed games, Castlevania SotN, was almost cancelled because didn't want it to be strict 2D and told them that they wanted 3D games. The developers threatened to not release the game and Sony gave in (thank god)

I will say, I do love 3D games, but 2D games age far better. I can safely say that Rayman Origins will still look very nice in 20 years. People prob wont talk about that game, but just as an example :p

bit-crusherrrr1374d ago

The PS1 was an okay 2d machine, the Saturn was fantastic at 2d. All the capcom and SNK 2d fighters ran much better on the saturn than the ps1, even more so if you have the japanese version with the ram cartridge.

GodGinrai1374d ago

The sega saturn and the dreamcast had the best 2D games of their respective generations.

Anybody who has ever played radiant silver gun, thunderforce 5,or any shmup on saturn, will agree. The capcom Vs marvel games,or any capcom 2d game of the time..Streetfighter alpha, darkstaklers etc, ran best on sega hardware. I still consider those version to be the best ports of those games, inspite of also owning them on X360. I still have a white saturn and all my ram carts. And the SNK conversions were the best thing outside the arcade versions.

PS. I like this thread. A refreshing change from the usual this V that console BS. I wonder how many of you guys are normally arguing? yet here you are sensibly talking games. I like it.

ThatOneGuyThere1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

by awesome, i didnt mean the best at the time. It was a great performer coming from my sega genesis. :-D

and who cares/knows what "sony pushed for"? do you have any evidence of that? we know they advertised its 3d capabilities. did they actually tell developers "make a 3d game or **** off"? I think its just all speculation, especially given that there were some pretty popular 2d games on the PS1.

Castlevania: SOTN was glorious. Tomba! was pretty and played really well, too. I think 2d gameplay can be extremely enjoyable. MetalSlug? i mean, common. theres some great stuff in 2d that would only look so much better in 1080p with high quality sprites. I remember being blown away by the graphics in Earthworm Jim when that came out.

ShinMaster1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

@ TheGrimReaper0011

I always felt Nintendo was the one that pushed 3D on the N64 more than Sony. I mean, the d-pad barely got any use over the joystick, even when it made sense.

The PS1 was the console that embraced 2D gaming more IMO.
Look at the 2D Castlevania games on PS1 compared to the 3D Castlevania games on N64.

There were many more 2D games on the PS1.

Baka-akaB1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Actually SCEA kinda did . They had a policy that discouraged porting or localizing 2d games . THat precisely why some game didnt get localized back then , even if obviously there were exception .

For that period 2d was seen or rather advertised as the place for budget and lesser games . Wich what they had policy against , games they felt were of lesser quality (rather than 2d stricly itself) . They continued this policy in the PS2 era as well on whims . And it didnt even prevent shovelware on both , be it 2d or 3d , so it was fairly arbitrary and crap

It was this policy that basically put Working Designs out of business. First they forced them to sell Growlancer Generations as a compilation (WD wanted to sell them separately), and second they forbid them from releasing stuff like Goemon at normal retail price.

Megaman X4 had delayed release on PSX in the US because Sony US refused to localize the game on the console due to its lack of 3D gameplay. Sony reportedly caved in after Capcom retaliated by threatening to not release Resident Evil 2 on the PSX.

And aside from those rules .. it's actually obvious Sony was pushing hard the 3d . It literally launched back on the hype from 3d titles like Toshiden , Ace Combat , Ridge Racer , and then afterward literally every namco franchise from the era .

The only reason it had the bigger amount of 2d games was that it crushed its Saturn and n64 competition . The n64 being geared toward 3d almost exclusively anyway

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imXify1374d ago

Old CRTs are 480p 4:3

From what I'm looking, the game looks like 480p 16:9 and doesn't look streched.

MAULxx1374d ago

I absolutely agree & I have to scratch my head as to why this game isn't running at 1080p. I mean 480p?
This game could have looked super clean. I was highly anticipating it with a day one purchase. Now, I'll be thinking twice about purchasing on release day.

Neixus1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Double standards.

Why are people accepting that a game runs at 480p just because it's a indie game, but if a major publisher released a game in 480p, people would of raged at them?

And for the record, artstyle got nothing to do with the resolution. You could make a retro looking game even though if it runs at 1080p..

Indie developers being all hipster again is what this is about

DragonKnight1374d ago

Everything you just said it completely, 100% wrong. I mean literally every word. Not one word has an ounce of correct thought put behind it.

shloobmm31374d ago

not a 100% wrong, he makes a some valid points.

DragonKnight1374d ago

He makes 1 valid point.

"You could make a retro looking game even though if it runs at 1080p."

That's the only valid point. So perhaps you're correct then, only 90% of what he said was completely wrong.

Amuro1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

he is not wrong though. Have you never used an emulator to play Nes or Snes games?

The graphics might be 8 bit or 16 bit but when you increase or lower the resolution the pixels can look sharper or more blurry. I mean, why else emulators like Nestopia or SNES9X would have the option of setting up a resolution if it makes no difference?

And what is wrong with the rest of his comment anyway?

The dev is obviously being a hipster and you're eating it up, @DragonKnight.

DragonKnight1374d ago

@Amuro: Allow me to list the ways he's wrong.

"Double standards."

Wrong. No one has double standards for this dev. I don't even think anyone knows who this dev is, but Neixus' comment suggests that people are giving this guy a pass just because he's an indie dev, and that hasn't happened.

"Why are people accepting that a game runs at 480p just because it's a indie game, but if a major publisher released a game in 480p, people would of raged at them?"

Wrong. No one is accepting this because it's an indie game. They're accepting this because the dev gave a reason, what they consider to be a valid reason, to have the game at said resolution. AAA devs don't typically make 2D games anymore, and if they were going to then they would definitely have the funds to push whatever resolution they wanted to but it wouldn't matter because it's a 2D game. Resolution doesn't nearly matter as much (read: AS MUCH) in 2D games as it does in 3D games.

"And for the record, artstyle got nothing to do with the resolution. You could make a retro looking game even though if it runs at 1080p."

Second part of that comment is right, first part is wrong. Resolution absolutely does have everything to do with art style. If a dev wants a specific art style that necessitates a specific resolution, then said resolution is a necessity. If the dev wanted to make the game really look old school, and not "old school like" then the resolution matters a lot.

"Indie developers being all hipster again is what this is about."

And exactly how is this correct? Neixus, and it seems you, don't even know what hipster means.

Now as for your comment.

"The graphics might be 8 bit or 16 bit but when you increase or lower the resolution the pixels can look sharper or more blurry. I mean, why else emulators like Nestopia or SNES9X would have the option of setting up a resolution if it makes no difference?"

Totally irrelevant. The question isn't "if you have the option, why not use it." The question is "what is the developer going for?" Now if this developer pulled out the same B.S. as Ubisoft or Ready At Dawn with "we're going for a more cinematic feel" in terms of framerate and odd resolution numbers, then sure have at them because that's B.S. But if the dev is wanting to go for an old school 2D look, then using 480p as the resolution has aesthetic value.

The problem here is that people like you are spoiled and demand that every dev use the maximum possible resources at all times regardless of what they want or what they can do.

LightofDarkness1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

"But if the dev is wanting to go for an old school 2D look, then using 480p as the resolution has aesthetic value. "

Well, no, it doesn't. Nobody has native 480p TVs anymore, and this game will never look like it is being rendered on one by virtue of being rendered at that resolution. That's just poor logic, not to mention very poorly researched and short-sighted, and it will never achieve the "artistic" value they claim to be aiming for.

Now if they said "we're aiming to look like an old SNES game being played on an emulator or the virtual console" then sure. Because that's all it will look like on just about everyone's display: a blurry, upscaled emulator viewport. So while Neixus may struggle with articulating his points somewhat, he's far from 100% wrong.

And if these guys' comments are anything to go by, then it stands to reason that they don't fully understand what they're aiming for (or at least haven't articulated it well) and will likely fail in that regard.

No one's being spoiled. I just pointed out that what they're saying and what they're doing are incompatible and don't stand up. It's not hard to make nice pixel art in high resolution, á la games like Shovel Knight. It just takes a bit of research and know-how to ensure you do it right. These guys don't seem to have thought that far ahead. Now, you're leaving it to your TV/console upscaler to do the work of stretching a tiny 480p image across a 1080p display, and that almost NEVER looks good and it certainly doesn't look "old-school".

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k3rn3ll1374d ago

Quick, someone make an e - petition demanding the developers use the maximum of power from every platform they are developing for. "Vote with your wallets" everyone. Demand the developers meet your needs or you won't buy their garbage anymore. This is very clearly another attempt by M$ to moneyhat the industry and cover up for the fact that their console is weaker! #resolutiongate! Lazy devlopers!