The Literary Classics That Could Make Great Video Games

Power Up Gaming takes a look at some of the best works of literature that remain an untapped resource for video game developers.

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thorstein1222d ago

Awesome job. And I completely agree about The Road. What an amazing novel.

Owenza1222d ago

I'd love to see how The Road would go. I've always felt like your biggest enemy in something like Fallout should be the harsh environment itself, but even on Hardcore mode it's way too easy to simply survive.

FLCL4711Fox1222d ago

I would love to see a Journey to the West video game. Until I realized Enslaved was kinda doing that. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing them give another stab at it.

thorstein1220d ago

Oregon Trail...EXTREME!

aecolye1217d ago

The Road was such a great novel. Good addition!