Lords of the Fallen Patch 1.3 Released, Fixes A Lot of Stuff

A new Lords of the Fallen patch (1.3) is live on Steam, with console updates presumably following shortly. Here's a full list of fixes.

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ccgr1226d ago

Glad the boss issues are fixed

Imp0ssibl31226d ago

Good, there were some some bugs at launch. Game is great anyway

kaiserfranz1226d ago

I just wrapped up this game and I already want a sequel, lol

lonelyplayer1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

The game is great, the only big issue I see is that it is a little too easy but I still enjoy it.

Aon1226d ago

Great information. Another patch witch fix for a lot of disadvantages and buga. Good to know they want to finish this game as soon as possible on all of three platforms.