VGA host backs new gamer-centric award show out of his own pocket

Video game award shows have long failed to find the sort of prestige and fan loyalty that seems to come easily for accolades directed at movies and music.

Among the big video game award shows, which include the Interactive Achievement Awards and Game Developers Choice Awards, only the end-of-year Spike TV Video Game Awards aired their program live on television.

But last year's transition to the online-focused VGX show from Spike seemed to be a final stab at turning the VGAs into the show for video game awards.

While officials at Spike TV did not respond to emails seeking comment, it appears the 10-year run for the show ended last December with the VGX show. Now the show's long-time host and executive producer is taking on the mantle of creating a single great gaming award show himself.

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Cy1291d ago

Leave it to Polygon to make Doritos Pope out to be the savior of gaming.

(At least that's where I'm assuming the article is going since I refuse to give Polygon any clicks. If not, downvote to your hearts content)