My Love for Geometry Wars

For those that know my gaming habits pretty well, I am known as a fairly well versed gamer. I put in as many hours in a yearly iteration of Madden as I do a JRPG, my selection of racing games is rivaled by my selection of shooters, I have obscure puzzlers, platformers and character action games in a library that I have lovingly accrued over my adult life. But ask me what game I would drop into the hands of a person new to gaming and also for those who love all games, the answer is almost always Geometry Wars. Its twin stick controls are as easy to pick up as a basic platformer. One stick to move, one to shoot, don’t die.

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Mutant-Spud1405d ago

I nearly went mad trying to get the "wax on-wax off" achievement in Geometry Wars 2 but I spent dozens of hours on those games.

Ozmoses1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Geometry Wars 3 hits 11/25......

OMFG!!! Prepare to get wrecked... This is my game...

Check out the leaderboards on Retro Evolved 2 for Xbox 360... I bet I'm still up in the 200's on a few and in the 500's on a few... and I haven't touched that game since at least 2012, hell I don't even have a 360 anymore...

Geometry Wars coming to PS4/PS3 is a BLESSING!!!!!

Waves was my shit... Not a single person I know in real life can be me at this game.. Obviously people I don't know are better than me..

But not a single friend can get close to the high scores I put up.

In my town I'm in a league of my own.