Valkyria Chronicles Earn Quick Bucks and XP, Early Story Grinding Guide

A new RPG game known as Valkyria Chronicles was released in November this year (2014) which was published and developed by Sega for the PC. Valkyria Chronicles story follows the early years of World War 2 and is set in Europe. This game was released on PS3 in 2008 and now its out on PC and according to a report Valkyria Chronicles is topping Steam’s download charts. Check out the following list on how to earn quick Bucks and fast XP in Valkyria Chronicles.

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BarbaraAdam1405d ago

RPGs are my most favorite genre. i am going to buy it for my PC

Export1405d ago

Am glad this game is getting more attention , Its one of the few gmaes with a great story and a neat style to play . I hope other one comes out on PS4 and not just the vita .

Daredavil1405d ago

i Have Played it on Ps3 now i am going to play it on PC my all time favorite game

Inception1405d ago

"I hope other one comes out on PS4 and not just the vita"

Yeah hopefully. I can see PS4/PC for the main title and vita for the spin-off or maybe both. But...that's a big IF.

So far sega didn't localize Yakuza, PSO, Shining, or any titles beside Sonic. Let see if this sales will make them moved a finger for VC 4, VC HD collection, or a spin-off...

Date_Um_Sage1405d ago

You mean New one for PS4/PC
Sequel for vita
And third one never leaves japan

Sounds about right to me.

Sevir1405d ago

I wish they would prerelease the other 2 games... On PS4 and Vita! VC is amazing. And I totally loved the story and the gameplay... Sega really has some idiots running the company.