5 Developers We Wish Were Still With Us

Controller Crusade takes a look at 5 former development studios that they wish were still around.

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Stuart57561376d ago

Irrational Games comes to mind. So many fallen greats.

3-4-51375d ago

ahh I miss that.

I need to buy Age of Empires 1 again.

Is it playable on Windows 8 ?

tanukisuit1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I'm not sure actually. Sorry.
I only have Win7 and I haven't played AOE1 in ages (no pun intended).

jgilbert111376d ago

Rare Ltd comes to mind.Even though they're not technically dead, they've been dead in my eyes ever since being acquired by Microsoft. So much potential wasted.

shloobmm31375d ago

Makes no sense. One of the best games they have ever created was Viva Pinata which was well after Microsoft purchased them.

TXIDarkAvenger1375d ago

so 1 game makes up for them not being wasted potential?

In the time of being acquired by MS they managed to kill Banjo, no Conker, and focus on kinect games. At least they finally made Killer Instinct and its actually good. It's probably better to say we wish the old Rare was still with us since a lot of the key people had left at the time of MS purchase.

lemoncake1375d ago

Perfect dark zero and kameo were also good games, I also really liked grabbed by the ghoulies.

badz1491375d ago

RARE didn't make the new Killer Instinct.

nerdman671375d ago

Kameo Elements of Power is really good, the Viva Pinata games are great, and though nuts and bolts was an awful banjo kazooie game, as a game itself it was quite good.
They have new stuff in the works, since MS released them from their kinect only curse, dont give up on them.
Just because they made 3 kinect games that also were not horrible doesnt mean they are dead.

xx4xx1375d ago of THOSE guys.

meatysausage1375d ago

Words out of my mouth, Back in the day with Timesplitters 1,2,3 and Secondsight. They made amazing games and still to this day, favourite of all time. Lets forget about Haze....

Also, pandemic with the masterpiece that was Mercenaries 1. I would love a remake

badz1491375d ago

Merc 1? I think they went out with a bang with The Saboteur! such an underrated gem IMO

s45gr321375d ago

Yeah mercenaries that was a kickass open world game which allowed you to skip some missions, do the missions however you pleased really no restrictions.

meatysausage1375d ago


Yeah i forgot about the Saboteur, It was such a creative game, really trying different things, especially with the black and white areas of the game.

cj1pate1011375d ago

Jw have you seen time splitters rewind? We might still have a chance to play a new one as long as crytek uk doesn't bomb. They are providing the ip and its rights to a group of people who so far seem to have the right ideas.

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tanukisuit1375d ago

- Ensemble Studios (first Age of Empires when I was in grade 6. Killed an elephant with 5 villagers, made it out with only 1 survivor)
- WestWood Studios (Reinforcements have arrived!)
- Pandemic Studios (Mercenaries and The Saboteur)

ReelBigMike1375d ago

Pandemic would've been #1 on my list. The Saboteur was an amazing and very underrated game.

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The story is too old to be commented.