Is This Gaming's Most Disappointing Ever Year?

Push Square: "If this is next-gen, then we wished that greatness would have waited until it was ready. We were going to pen this article a little later in the month – the release schedule is still stacked with several other blockbuster titles – but with the Assassin’s Creed Unity saga still a sour taste on the industry’s lips, we’ve concluded that there’s no time like the present. Indeed, as we sit here pondering the past 12 months, we’re not even convinced that a perfect port of Grand Theft Auto V can make up for a string of remarkable blunders. And that leads us to the question: is this gaming’s most disappointing ever year?"

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No its a good year. The last of us remastered is amazing. Halo MCC is a dream come true. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the best duty in years. Titanfall was fantastic.

thorstein1346d ago

I agree.

"Most Disappointing Year?"

For whom? I am loving my new console and playing every chance I get. There are so many great games available.

I guess these guys at PushSquare just simply don't like gaming. Too bad for them, they are missing out on some great experiences.

Massacred1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

I would say not, we got:

Alien: Isolation
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Wolfenstien: The New Order
The Evil Within
South Park: The Stick of Truth
Dark Souls II
Shadow Warrior (Consoles)
Halo The Master Chief Collection
Shovel Knight
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Smash Bros
Sunset OverDrive
Bayonetta 2
(and remasters like The Last of US, GTA V or Diablo 3)

All of which were well received by their audiences.

Although I cannot deny how people have been let down by

Assassins Creed: Unity
Watch Dogs

These have all had many problems, but look at the rate of good games, many of which have helped refocus existing IPs compared to games people have been let down by. I'd say there is still a lot to like

kalkano1345d ago

It's the most disappointing ever decade.