Why You Probably Shouldn't Buy the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 Just Yet

NDTV says: ""Should I buy the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4?" It's a question we're asked ever so frequently. More so since both consoles became readily available. The answer is "none just yet" and here's why. "

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thorstein1290d ago

First of all, I am biased toward the PS4. That said, now is the perfect time to buy a current gen console like the PS4 and XOne.

I recommend the PS4 for purely selfish reasons: more users means more people online playing the online games I love.

However, both of these systems have tons of great games for people who love all genres. Coupled with the games releasing in the next few months and you will be backlogged with amazing games.

KiwiViper851289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I myself, am biased towards Xbox One, and agree that now is the time if you haven't already got one, and even if you have one, its the perfect time to buy the opposing console.

PS4 has the hardware advantage, the lead platform for the majority of multiplats, and a few good looking exclusives on the horizon.

The Xbox One is so cheap right now, with bundles, and games to suit all tastes. FH2, SSO, and MCC alone are worth the purchase. This is why I recommend the Xbox one to anyone on the fence.

"However, both of these systems have tons of great games for people who love all genres. Coupled with the games releasing in the next few months and you will be backlogged with amazing games." - Thorstein

Pikminmaniac1289d ago

I disagree. Now is the time to buy a next gen console. All depends what exclusives you prefer.
I know this is a bit off topic, but does anyone know if Cuphead is an Xbox One Exclusive, or just a timed exclusive?

TomShoe1289d ago

@Pikmin It's a timed Xbox exclusive.

Vegamyster1289d ago

As a primarily PC gamer i wait for the exclusives to roll out then pick them up when all the kinks are out (Got a Wii-U & 3DS, Vita so far) I'll probably get a PS4 for Bloodbourne and a Xone for Halo 5.

shodai1289d ago

But if you wait, you might not get it as cheap. If you wait for bloodborne in march, all the holidays special will be gone and you will have to pay full price. Same goes for xbox one.

Vegamyster1289d ago


Doesn't really bother me if i have to spend a little bit extra and there tends to be deals year round anyway, not really interested in buying something i won't be using much for a couple months or in the case of Halo 5 a year unless they release something else during that time that's tempting.

No_Limit1289d ago

I love my xb1 for its Fall exclusive and online focus third party games.

I love my Wii U for Nintendo exclusives.

I love my PS4 for single Third party games this year.

I have no regret with any one if my consoles so far and I pay full price for my consoles eaelier this year. Now with the price dropping and bundle deals, it is time to jump in if you haven't done so.

bennissimo1289d ago

Ridiculous article is ridiculous.

I got my PS4 for Transistor and haven't yet regretted the purchase, having now played many other great indies on it while I wait for the awesome big-budget exclusives coming in 2015.

I got my X1 for Dead Rising, Ryse and Forza, and likewise am continually impressed with how robust a Year One game library MS has secured for the console.

I'll get a WiiU when Big N sees fit to grace us with a new Zelda or Metroid.

Too many great games to play!

1289d ago
raWfodog1289d ago

He's speaking from the point of view of buyers in India where the consoles and games are more expensive and the broadband plans are not as robust as elsewhere.

Muzikguy1289d ago

I'll be working on a backlog come Black Friday! Getting Metro Redux, LBP3, Alien Isolation, Shadow of Mordor, and the camera. The following months I'll be getting Rocksmith (maybe, I already have PS3 version), GTA, Lords of the Fallen, and the Witcher 3. Good time for a backlog too, it's cold outside!!

joab7771289d ago

Exactly...and while I also recommend the PS4 just b/c it has the games I am most looking forward to as well as better multiplat titles (except AC:Unity), either is worth it.

Pick the one your friends have b/c that's what matters most. Look ahead a yr to see what is being released. And take advantage of holiday deals NOW.

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WackoDaSniper1289d ago

Next gen has been a letdown. No standout games at all.
Thinking about getting a wii u, actually fun games that are unique

shodai1289d ago

2015 has all the heavy hitters. C'mon now give this gen a chance, it has not even started!

JimmyDM901289d ago

Almost all of Wii U's best games came out in its second year. PS4 and Xbox 1 barely have a year under their belts so it's not really a fair comparison.

joab7771289d ago

It is following the same track that new consoles follow, and 2015 will be HUGE like yr 3 had been in the past.

Do u even remember the 1st 1 1/2 of the PS3...which cost $700.

Soc51289d ago

I agree, maybe most gamers are optimists, because every time I say this, they tell me the opposite, but all I see is the same bs in new packaging.

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desertpunk861289d ago

forza horizon 2 on 360 open my eyes and made me realize that is time for the jump and im enjoying sunset overdrive and halo 2 remastered even assassins creed co op is loads of fun technical issues aside.

im not a xbox guy im a microsoft guy i got a windows phone,xbox 360,xbox one,pc running windows 8 and another pc running windows 10.

RosweeSon1289d ago

Do you have shares ;) I joke as long as your enjoying it Wahey, myself I'm not a microsoft fan at all loved my 360 for nearly 9 years but it's time to move on for me all my friends or the good gaming ones have had enough of Microsoft long time ago a few have gone xbox one route but they will get there eventually 🔮

telekineticmantis1289d ago

Anyone know when the new halo comes out? There's some good Black Friday deals, but I dont have a PS3, or 360 to trade, hopefully another sale will happen before its release, aswell as some more game announcements.

RosweeSon1289d ago

With great bundles out there why not it's Christmas soon enough great for some gaming sessions, xbox one will be next Christmas for me not like there's any other consoles due out and I've got all the others to get on with, all of them except for my 360 which I recently packed back up, it's ps3's turn now with vita, ps4, Wii U and 3DS on the side and a backlog of all backlogs haha. Game on.

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