NGB | Terraria Review

NGB Wrote: "I must admit that this is my first experience of Terraria and I cannot believe what I have been missing out on! It is a simple and pleasurable game but then the crafting mechanics are so complex that without using a guide it can take forever to discover recipes. I have not used a guide and I would advise to resist. The essence of the game is adventure and discovery, and the sense of joy and achievement gained form finding new places and items you can craft with what you have found is fulfilling. I have barely cracked the surface and this will definitely keep me coming back for hours every night, it just lures you in! Yes it may borrow elements from Minecraft and some may think it’s just a copy however as a player of Minecraft I found this to be a more pleasurable and satisfying experience. As a bonus, any that purchase Terraria on the PS4 will also receive a free copy for the PS Vita for a limited time only, so what are you waiting for!"

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