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Assassin’s Creed, Ubisoft popular franchise is back this year to compete in the market for Christmas sales. According to the developers, this year’s offering of Unity has been created from the ground up specifically for the next-gen consoles.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1102d ago

A terribly optimized glitchy game and it gets a 9 as if nothing's wrong at all? This game don't deserve this kind of credit and Ubisoft definitely don't need positive feedback for this crap they put out.

the_hitman30001102d ago

You know you have a good point I never played Skyrim on PS3 but I heard it ran very terrible with bugs and crashes. Most people from what I remember were defending it more on then, then now with Unity.

tlougotg1102d ago

Yeah these reviewers are %ucking horrible and for money or to get an early copy would %uck anyone off. Its %ucking disgusting. Ubisoft is banned from my house, i will buy no game with the Ubisoft logo just like i didnt buy COD for three years straight and it was a good choice after how garbage MW3 and Ghost was. Bethsda also got banned in my house last gen. To many choices and games to have to deal with this bs and giving them our money.

PersonMan1102d ago

MW3 wasn't garbage. I liked it. However, Ghosts was garbage.

chaldo1102d ago

I am playing this on PC with a smooth framerate.

I am suggesting that you not write this game off just yet. I do get a few bugs, but thank god not the FPS issue.

The game is ACTUALLY good - Better than AC3, blackflag, and revelations IMO. They have made improvements to the combat system, climbing system, and stealth. It' visually stunning (again, I play on PC so I am not sure how it is on consoles..).

Why? Just the story, the characters, how it represents itself. I am on sequence 8 and I am loving every minute of it, except for the bugs of course. I feel like the reviews got low scores because of the many bugs this game has, and I respect that. It's just sad because it is indeed better then the 3 previous games. Gameplay, story, and graphics wise, without the bugs, it's a pretty damn good game believe it or not lol. Plenty to do in the open world as well!

If and when a patch comes out to solve these issues, I would highly recommend picking it up.

I do however, think it's unacceptable for ubisoft to release the game like.. this. smh. Now I know not to pre-order or buy FarCry 4 until it's 100% glitch free.

PersonMan1102d ago

I thought it was supposed to be story/gameplay over graphics, resolution and frame rate.... People confuse me sometimes.

Play2Win1102d ago

Graphics are important. What he is trying to say is that the game is buggy as hell.

Christopher1102d ago

Bugs, glitches, and sub-par framerates affect gameplay.

PersonMan1102d ago

I thought gameplay meant the features and game mechanics.

Christopher1102d ago

@PersonMan: No, gameplay is how it plays and what you can do while you play. Low framerate can affect one's ability to play the game as it is intended and is a perfectly fine thing to bring up when discussing gameplay.

For example, if you're running at 20fps during a fight, how do you think that affects your ability to counter or otherwise manage the combat scenario? How does the low framerate affect one's ability to keep up with someone they're running after and takes sudden turns or the like? Navigating the parkour elements of the world without accidentally jumping to the wrong location due to low framerate?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )


If the game looks like it belongs on Gamecube and plays like it's about to crash how can you possibly enjoy the story and gameplay?

PersonMan1102d ago

I enjoyed the crap out of AC3 and that game chugged along like it was running on a potato.

skydragoonity1102d ago

9/10 for this crap? lol I'm done with reviews

Meltic1102d ago

Im in sequence 5 and in those 7 hours ive played everytime i play i see a new bug. Flying NPC's . Falling though the ground into the water, NPC's going though eatchother, NPC's head look like monsters. NPC's walk on the buildings. Ive downloaded the new patch from ubisoft but still same shitty glitches. Wont be playing this shit again. Uninstalled it. Waiting for dragon age and far cry 4. ubisoft please dont fk up far cry 4....

SynestheticRoar1102d ago

9 out of 10 serious. WTF. This game is a 7 at best.