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Developed by former members of Naughty Dog, the final of Sega’s Wii U exclusive Sonic titles marks the series’ biggest departure yet. With a new universe, new villains and even a new Sonic, Sonic Boom had the potential to break free of the issues that have held the series back since it moved to 3D. Sadly, it’s apparent the blue blur is still stuck running in place.

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MSBAUSTX1348d ago

And it is exactly what everyone expected. Crap! Sad really because I wanted this to be good. It is weird though because it has better ratings on the Nintendo Eshop. I will buy this when it is 20 bucks or less. They should have made a second generations type game.

Concertoine1348d ago

Its very rare i see poor reception on the eshop though

shaw981348d ago

I had hope for this game as the head guy was the guy that was the lead dev in crash bandicoot at ND. A lot of them are from old ND. What a disappointment. It is like a sonic fan fiction gone wrong.

ritsuka6661348d ago

*waiting for haters comments*

Edit: already beaten...

thezeldadoth1348d ago

this game is unfortunately being reviewed on the basis of older sonic games. People aren't looking at it like a crash bandicoot, spyro, jak and daxter game with sonic characters. They're looking at it as if the developers tried to make a traditional sonic game and failed.

This is one game where i'll be very reluctant to trust any of the reviews, i'll probably buy it this evening. I love jak and daxter/crash bandicoot. It'd be nice to play a game like that again.

Loadedklip1348d ago

While reviews are opinions ... the various glitches the game has is a fact.

Loadedklip1348d ago

Had hopes since it's basically NNaughty Dog Sonice game ... but boy it seems like a rushed mess.