5 Features GTA V Online Heists Need to Have

Upon the release of GTA V on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC and the upcoming Online Heists DLC Update, here are 5 features that must be included!

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adaminoregon1373d ago

Feature 1- They must exist.
Feature 2- See #1.

Stick891373d ago

I can't stand when websites do lists and then instead of making it one article they make it so you have to click next to see every point.

Mister_Audrey1373d ago

Do people still care about Grand Theft Auto 5 multiplayer?

Red Dead Redemption had better multiplayer and that was a time before cars.

Next time, Rockstar, don't turn your multiplayer in to some life simulator. Where I need to earn money to buy ammunition and to pay the insurance company.

JamesBondage1373d ago

with the FPS m0de theyre adding? its g0nna change it quite a bit

DirtyMagician1373d ago

Cops 'N' Crooks is still something I want to see come back, but I am hoping heists is the substitute. The pure amount of time it has taken to implement them must mean they are pretty elaborate and have plenty or re-playability.

1373d ago
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