Carmack Would 'be surprised if the killer VR app is a shooter'

VRFocus - When Oculus VR was first beginning John Carmack, the legendary developer behind the likes of Doom, showcased a makeshift Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) running a virtual reality (VR) version of Doom 3. A lot has happened since that time and Oculus VR is now far more ambitious in its plans for VR past the first-person shooter (FPS) genre that it once planned to dominate. In fact, these days, even Carmack himself would be surprise if VR’s killer app was a shooter at all.

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Ashunderfire861408d ago

Well its all in first person so yeah. It would be good for horror like Alien Isolation too.

DarkOcelet1408d ago

I think a psychological horror game will be the biggest hit for VR.

jmc88881407d ago

It might be.

If it's not it'll probably be some mindless Kim Kardashian or similar nobody loser APP that is pushed through CrappySpybook.

Pandamobile1407d ago

Yeah because early adopters of VR are totally going to be the same market that plays the Kim Kardashian game...