10 Awesome Xbox One Features You Probably Didn't Know About

Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'The Xbox One is a multimedia monster. It’s home to music, films, TV, apps and of course – my personal favourite – video games.

But you probably knew all of that already (or at least I hope you did). I’m here to tell you about the little things you may have missed, the nuances that you were completely unaware of, and the stuff you probably take for granted.'

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GodGinrai1409d ago

Snap is the one! Sometimes I am half heartedly watching TV while, playing minecraft. Ill never miss an NBA game or F1 again now!

Didnt know I could switch wi-fi frequencies. Probably not needed for me as my X1 is connected via ethernet cable.

As for suspend and resume...YES! I cant count the amount of times I turned my xbox one on, and realised the last game I was playing is in a suspended state and ready for me to resume from where I left off, without having to go through game boot up or even even a title screen. Its one of those things along with kinect's voice controls that I always realise how much I take for granted, when I switch on my other consoles or game on my PC.

JeffGUNZ1409d ago

Agreed. The Xbox is an amazing machine. I use it for gaming and my media. I don't have cable TV so I use netflix and hulu. The suspended state is awesome when my wife and I are watching something on netflix and she has a phone call or leaves the room for to head for the restroom, I can quickly jump back to the game I was playing, and when she comes back, just go right back to netflix. Such an advancement from the 360.

GodGinrai1408d ago

"I can quickly jump back to the game I was playing, and when she comes back, just go right back to netflix."

hehe. Im guilty of doing the same thing! :)

WeAreLegion1409d ago

While these are really cool features, most of them are popular selling points for the device.

JeffGUNZ1409d ago

Yeah, I knew 9/10, without knowing I could switch networks to 2.5 or 5. I never checked because I hardwire in. Yet, the TV is a big deal and idk how you wouldn't know that lol. I would also say broadcasting is a cool feature a lot of people don't know they have and how easy it is to do.

gamer78041409d ago

playto is actually really good now, many softwares support it via air-play like apps straight from your phone or windows machine.

Samsara821409d ago

Yes suspend and resume is very practical when you have a wife that does not enjoy watching you play....great feature....;)

I personally love the voice commands and the IR blaster...made my harmony remote obsolete....