Assassin’s Creed Unity: Here’s A Trick To Improve Frame Rate On PS4

GearNuke: "If you are tired of the frame rate drops in AC: Unity. You can perhaps check this trick to see if it works."

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Palitera1343d ago

Rebuilding the database and putting it offline?


vishmarx1343d ago

i know right?
next thing you know people are saying its fw 2.00's and the internet's fault that unity runs like crap on everything

AliTheSnake11343d ago

Another fix, is to wait for a patch.
I have played AC3 6 months after its release, and encountered close to Zero glitches, that game was so good. I remember when that game came out, people were going ape shit about its glitches.
So yeah, don't buy the game if you didn't buy it yet, wait till they fix the issues, and the price goes down.
Waiting for the price to go down, or buying used , might hurt the publisher a bit (if you usually buy new) , but they deserve it for releasing a game filled with bugs.

darthv721343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

@vish... not saying you are right/wrong but this is more of a 'what if'. FW updates carry with them not only improvements to the system stability but could potentially carry with them improvements to the performance of things like the video driver.

A new improved video driver could improve the performance of the game. Seeing as these consoles are getting closer to PC side and moving away from the traditional console seem possible.

I remember the days of ATI and Nvidia releasing driver updates. And each update did something to the performance of the video cards in a PC. Either improving visual clarity or increasing frame rates for certain games.

Just because these systems are closed in nature does not mean they cant gain performance improvements via these updates.

unity was in development before FW 2.0 so it isnt out of the realm of possibility. Ubisoft needs to fix it though. they should get with Sony and AMD about a fix to the issue.

Kingthrash3601343d ago

I just plain don't believe in fixing something that should have came fixed when I bought it . period.

You can't tell me they didn't know that they're game was in this shape when it went "gold"

Never will I buy ac...or any other UbiSoft game again.
They are on my "pass on it" list right next to EA

hay1343d ago

Actually if the code is real shit, and it can be knowing Ubisoft, they can send usage data and sync info every frame for other players, and not exactly care about for comfort with the response timing, nor the fact that you're playing alone.

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ITPython1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

The best trick to getting the framerate up? Not buying and playing the game.

I sure hope Ubisoft feels the financial pressure when a big chunk of the largest gamer pool this gen (PS4) decides to opt out of this years AC. They better understand that biting the hand that feeds them the majority of their food is not a wise choice.

I just hope MS didn't get to them with FC4 as well, cause that is a game that will be difficult to avoid (suppose I can still buy it used so Ubi doesn't get a penny from me).

Svinya1343d ago

MS get to them? Oh, stfu dude.

kevnb1343d ago

its that uplay feature that nobody wanted...

core_51343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

wow epic trick ... here is another: Just stop to playing and all problems are gone.

Ra30301343d ago

You know your right!.......I never got, never planned on nor will I ever get this game because it doesn't meet minimal specs for the PC or my PS4. The AssAssin's Creed Unity Game Developer said "they wanted to make the best game possible for the Xbox One" they never said a word about what they were doing or wanted to do for the PC or PS4 so this game was a hard no go even in the $5 bin for me and I've not had one issue with this game nor will I. I don't understand why any PC or PS4 owner would give a dime for this game as the Developer has been taunting you for the last 3 months pretty much saying it's not worth getting unless it's on the lead platform and from what I hear it's running no better on the that. I been telling everyone not to get it it's not worth the money when the developer of the game doesn't even care but we are talking Ubisoft the new EA/ Microsoft where
they don't care........and it shows! Does it ever. Lol

N4GDgAPc1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Mine came with the Xbox bundle but was going to buy it anyways so each on there own. I'm reading this is over blown. yes there is glitches but most are not running into it very much. Most I've heard people playing for 10+ hrs and run into 1 frame rate issue. I can deal with that. But there is some reason a few that run into bugs all over the place. I don't know why this happens at all. Lord of the Fallen is known to be very glitchy but I haven't run into any bugs yet and I played over 20hrs.

I will eventually play Unity but first beat Halo 1-4.

Know this is for the ps4 and xbox. I have know idea how it plays on pc. All I know is pc gamers usually have it bad with ports.

Svinya1343d ago

RA -

Thanks for that wall of text. Translation: Waaaahhhhh!!

MarkusMcNugen1342d ago

Technically my PC with a Core i5-4670K and 2GB GTX 770 doesn't meet minimum specs either. However I can play the game at a stable 20-30FPS on high settings. Not ideal but lowering it to medium settings gets an almost perfectly stable 30FPS. Those cinematic cut-scenes though, just terrible. Drops down to 13FPS often during those. Patch 1.02 should help fix that a bit though at least.

boing11343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

That actually may work. AFAIK Ubisoft is silently collecting a lot of data about how players play their games. Wouldn't be surprised if that'd be causing issues.

GarrusVakarian1343d ago

It's sad that we have to do these things because devs can't be bothered to give us quality games.

Well...when I say "devs", I mainly mean Ubisoft.

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