New Leaked Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Gameplay Videos Show Strip Club, World Map And More

GearNuke: "Check out these leaked gameplay videos of Grand Theft Auto V on the PS4."

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jjb19811284d ago

I wish I would have waited but I'm glad I didnt

Travis37081284d ago

I can't wait!!! I'm going straight to the online!!!!

ainTgoTTime2bleed1284d ago, no,'m going straight to the ocean with my new dodo, open a beer, get drunk in fp and jump to the water, then If I make it to the shore I'll try the second option of hooker's menu;) first person of course...

JudgmentJay1284d ago

Looking forward to it, but I hope they have improved upon all of the glitches people were using for money and exp.

It's really annoying knowing that other people are getting ahead by exploiting glitches and such

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