GTA 5: PlayStation 4 Versus PlayStation 3 Comparison

A fan over at GTAForums has compiled a set of gifs comparing Grand Theft Auto 5’s graphical quality on PlayStation 4 versus PlayStation 3.

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Bigpappy1341d ago

It looks better, but I don't think it merits a rebuy so soon. But to each his own

GiggMan1341d ago

It's perfect for someone like me and the millions of others that didn't purchase the first one.

Massacred1341d ago

That would be a great reason to actually warrant a purchase now. For myself, I'll probably get it when it comes down in price.

Brand new Titles like Alien: Isolation and Far Cry 4 first.

Eidolon1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

How could you get disagrees..

I haven't played it on last gen either.

I'm Gameflying most titles, but I think GTAV is the kind of game you buy, it's hard to be done with it.

MRMagoo1231341d ago

I am getting it and I have it on ps3 already.

MysticStrummer1341d ago

I resisted for awhile but finally admitted to myself that I wanted to play it again in first person, especially after watching the PS3 to PS4 difference video. I caught a few people streaming it today on Live from Playstation. They were quickly banned but I did see enough to know I made the right decision for myself. Looking forward to this and Far Cry 4 next week. I caught some quickly banned FC4 streams as well and it looked great too.

mikeslemonade1341d ago

Y'all taste in gaming is garbage. Not worth a replay and what you mean if you didn't play it? Your taste and gaming habit is suspect if you haven't played one of the greatest last gen games already.

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yezz1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Sure but there are other new things than just chraphics..

Grand Theft Auto V

* Seamless integration of new First Person Mode in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online including fully customizable controls, targeting, FOV and more.
* New first-person cockpit views for vehicles, with fully re-modeled interiors, including working speedometers, gas dials, radio and instrument panel lighting.
* Increased resolution at 1080p at 30fps, 4K compatible for PC.
* More than double the draw distance.
* New depth of field effects.
* High resolution textures.
* Over 150 new songs plus new DJ mixes and talk radio.
* Dynamically adaptive depth of field.
* Increased particle effects quality and number of particle effects rendered on-screen at once.
* Improved wind dynamics for clothing, flags, foliage, trees and more.
* More realistic fluid dynamics.
* Improved weather effects.
* Volumetric light pollution.
* 3x number of light sources from 360/PS3.
* Vehicles from GTA Online Updates now form part of the ambient vehicle population for increased vehicle diversity across the entire world.
* Vehicles and weapons from all 11 free GTA Online updates are available in Story Mode from day one.
* New land and sea animals.
* Animals in the world now have soft fur.

Grand Theft Auto Online

* Increased player count to 30 players with an additional 2 spectators.
* Completely overhauled character creator to allow players a greater range of customization.
* Over 120 new props added to the Creator tools for players to use in creating their own content.
* Doubled the amount of props allowed in created matches.

Returning players will also get bonus stuff like murder mystery missions with Michael, new races and events etc.

N4GDgAPc1341d ago

Makes me wonder when they put a lot of effort to implement first person view will it eventually have oculus rift and project Morpheus support? That would be awesome. I have the DK2 right now. Hopefully at least someone modes it to play in a 3rd party software.

Massacred1341d ago

A lotta new faces around, I mean, things could get REALLY messy

Shadow Man1341d ago

"Animals in the world now have soft fur." :D

N4GDgAPc1341d ago

I have no reason why I got disagrees on adding virtual reality support. Please tell me why you don't want that or why that effects you? And trust me VR glasses changes the experience of a game drastically. Once you go VR you don't want to go back. Game in development has a beta called Technolust. Probably the best experience I ever had with a game. To bad its short. Can't wait till the game is released.

boing11340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

I'm sure someone will make a mod for PC with Oculus support. It's an obvious thing to do.

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spacedelete1341d ago

it doesn't warrent a rebuy ? this game will be the best game on next gen systems for a very long time. i guess you can keep playing indie games and trash like Assassin's Creed. i'll be playing this for months. i put over 200 hours on the last gen version.

quenomamen1341d ago

Would you say the same about Halo, TLOU ?

Bigpappy1341d ago

Halo is a collection of 4 game. Some as old as 14 years. List game was just bought by some of these people last year. I am not here to tell people how to spend their money 💵. It is just no way I would rebuy a game so quickly. Unless of course, there was nothing else on my system that interest me. But I have plenty to play. Too much already actually.

illAmpRefugee1341d ago

loooks like trash the pictures arent popping like they should they throw off a flat appereanrnce instead of density

KwietStorm1341d ago

I bought it day 1 on PS3, and I have it pre-ordered on PS4. The graphics, while being a very noticeable upgrade, are not the only reason to buy it again. It's actually far from the only reason.

boing11340d ago

Same here. I have absolutely zero problems with shelling out money again. If there is any game that deserves it, it's this one. They did hell of a job to excite people again.

user56695101340d ago

its like console vs pc version except pc version can have a res thats 4x whats available on consoles

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GodGinrai1341d ago

Not a night and day difference, but certainly an improvement. I think of this as more of an upgraded port than a remaster.

That said, I will still buy it for online shenanigans and to play the story mode with the kind of visual quality rockstar had originally intended.

PersonMan1341d ago

Where does it say anywhere that it's a remaster?

GodGinrai1341d ago


I have heard quite a few people refer to it as a remaster. Especially when somebody refers to halo MCC as the best remaster ever. somebody actually replied to one of my posts in a halo thread referring to GTA V as the "best remaster".

Dont blame me..blame N4G members for that! lol

As I said. I call it an upgraded port. Funny how you kinda missed that part of my post....

PersonMan1341d ago

I was just wondering where everyone is getting these terms from. I think it's just the PS4 version of the game. They've most likely been working on the next-gen/PC version all along, but needed more time to optimize it to their standards. I don't look at it as a remaster, but just a late next-gen release.

Would you say that CoD:AW on PS4 is a remaster of the PS3 version?

GodGinrai1341d ago

"I was just wondering where everyone is getting these terms from."

Again..I NEVER considered it a remaster. I clearly stated that I consider this an upgraded port.. It just seems to be called a remaster, when it suits certain peoples arguments. READ my post properly.

"I think it's just the PS4 version of the game."


"Would you say that CoD:AW on PS4 is a remaster of the PS3 version?"

Are you seriously asking me this? Of course it isnt. Please read my post properly before responding.

WeAreLegion1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

It is very much a night and day difference.

Edit: I'm aware of what the PC modders can do. I'm one of them. I didn't help with ICEnhancer or anything, but give Rockstar a break. This is a massive leap in visuals.

GodGinrai1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Im not saying it does not look better. I just dont think the difference is that big a leap.

I dont see why you guys are being so defensive about this. did you miss the part of my post where I said I am buying it for improved graphics and to continue playing it online?

The games looks good. But as I said. Its not a massive difference.

You want to see a night and day difference? wait till the PC modders get their hands on this...

MysticStrummer1341d ago

"as I said. Its not a massive difference."

Say it as often as you want. Repetition doesn't make you correct. The PS3 to PS4 trailer shows a massive difference.

PersonMan1341d ago

You said in your own words "I think of this as more of an upgraded port than a remaster" which implies that you heard someone call it a remaster, otherwise you wouldn't have used that term.

I was simply asking where people are getting this "remaster" term from. Since you used it, it was obvious to me that you got that from someone else.

spaceg0st1341d ago

Visual upgrades, improved/bigger online, first person mode... This is a definite re-purchase for me!

ainTgoTTime2bleed1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

For those that think this is just a silly port, check these vids out;)


keki1341d ago

look great and a great game to release stress after a long day at work!

sipale1341d ago

Indeed! Been working nine to five for nearly nine months as a cleaner (yup, livin' the dream since I didnt get to university last year) and i cant wait to revisit los santos in first person and just take in the beatiful scenery in much more detail!

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