Top 7 Most Abused Games Characters So Far

Main characters in video games unprecedented beatings constantly, like flung off cliffs, attacked by monsters and demons, stabbed and shot on a regular basis. But the question is, which characters that are getting bruised and battered the most? For that we have the list of top 7 characters that are mostly abused in the games.

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Emmettcelticfan1406d ago

lol idiots at number 4. Clearly they don't know the difference between Dante (devil may cry) and Dante's inferno

Christopher1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

lol, I thought you were joking or misread something... You were not. So sad.

Lord_Sloth1406d ago

I thought so too so I checked. WTF!? What kind of game "journalism" is this? This fails hard!

OhReginald1406d ago

abused in what sense? And also at number 4? Seriously? Thats dante's inferno...idiots...

Christopher1406d ago

I believe abused as in getting beat up or otherwise taking a ton of damage from various other sources.

Roccetarius1406d ago

If it was Dante from 1 - 4, then i would understand. It's almost like the developer wanted Dante to embrace pain, because he's impaled by swords and the like multiple times. :P

Codey471406d ago

Fortunately for the VG Characters....Jimmy Savile was not involved.

GrimbleGromble1406d ago

No hooker from GTA in there? WTF.