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X-Rated Video Games

You'll never find these naughty games at your local Wal-Mart. (Culture)

castags  +   2564d ago
need next-gen ones....
Atari was the isht!
Hellsvacancy  +   2564d ago
3d sexvilla 2 hahahaha
and i fought i was the only pervert whos played this WOOT WOOT WOOT
Harry190  +   2564d ago
Domo is a pervert.
Old Snake  +   2564d ago
lol at custer's revenge
Tacki  +   2564d ago
Oh man, that last one would have been great if they included a sequence like that in MGS4.

"So THAT's why it's called Snake's final mission."
Lumpyluf  +   2564d ago
yeah agree w/ old snake =)
n00bzRtehgey  +   2564d ago
You'll never find these naughty games at your local Wal-Mart.
Bolts  +   2563d ago
This list sucks.
This list auto failed. Two words, Battle Rape 2, have patience with the trailer the good stuff is at the end LOL http://www.gametrailers.com...
ps3FTW  +   2563d ago
That wins and they made two? wow.
Sheddi  +   2563d ago
What the hell :P
lsujester  +   2563d ago
Most awesome game I have ever witnessed.
wind_dragon  +   2563d ago
i'm more surprised that i didn't see that coming over the contents of that video. i wonder how you level up your character?
f789790  +   2563d ago
Need something made with Cry2 Engine
Then launch a nuke at them while they do it on the beach.
levy  +   2563d ago
Bad list.... Terrible list.
No Artificial Girl 3?
No Battle Raper 2?
No Sexy Beach 3?
No "insert random hentai game"?
The list is endless.
MACHone  +   2563d ago
Guys... Guys....
If we wanted to name h-games, we'd be here all day. I think they were going for a list of naughty games outside the orient. I've played that Jenna "game," if you wanna call it that. I'll stick with Biko 3.
AAACE5  +   2563d ago
What was the point of that?
zPlayer  +   2563d ago
how is this rated the highest when its got 14 comments?!!
xhairs9  +   2563d ago
Chris Buffa?
Man this guy just keeps writing bad article after bad article...He didn't even include any of the Leisure Suit Larry series, that game was revolutionary in the mature audience. Not to mention of the games is a ripped game from another game, does that really count since it wasn't even published? I mean come on...
DetroitSportsFan  +   2563d ago
3DO had quite a few adult games. Neurodancer, Mind Teazzer, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, etc.
Prospero666   2563d ago | Spam
Blaze929  +   2563d ago
Sexy Beach 3
SB3 for the win
memots  +   2563d ago
Why is this 1180 degree?
This article is lame and been done over and over again.
I just don't get why this would be a "hot" news and make the top of the main page for so long.

Again to steal a line that we see often here. Must be a slow day for gaming news. actually make that a slow 2 days.

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