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The Xbox One: Catching Fire

Competition is healthy, and to see Xbox One catching up to the PS4 proves that the battle is far from over. Hopefully, this shift in tactic will encourage Sony to dish out better exclusives.

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Community1496d ago
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Bennibop1496d ago

Surely it is impossible to catch up when the Xbox has not out sold PS4 yet!? There is a reduced gap in sales between the two in the US but not WW and even then the PS4 is still outselling it.


I think North America will be tight between the PS4 and Xbox.

TomShoe1496d ago

If Microsoft bring the price back up to $399 at the end of the holidays no way they're catching up.

Who in their right mind would buy a $399 Xbox with no games? Not with all the sales they had.

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DarthZoolu1496d ago

I'm download Dragon Age Demo right now on Xbox One, thanks EA Access! I really love my Xbox. Plus this controller is just butter!

ShowanW1496d ago


It's actually the full game. You have 6hrs to do what you want when you want. You can even save your progress. And when the game comes out and you chose to buy it, you can load your progress.

DarthZoolu1495d ago

I get to keep my save data!? Hell yeah!

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Dlacy13g1496d ago

The same was said of the PS3 for a long time with regards to the 360 lead. Ultimately they sold about the same...

Ezz20131496d ago

Playstation brand is much more knowen than xbox around the world than xbox that's why ps3 catch up to xbox360
this is different story

SoapShoes1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

The PS3 outsold the 360 its first year and all but one year despite bad press and being much more expensive. The One has yet to outsell the PS4 anywhere this year. No one said the PS3 couldn't catch up except fanboys.

Dlacy13g1496d ago

Put down your shields, I didn't say it would but it could catch the PS4, not likely but crazier things have happened. As for the PS3 and X1 comparison both got bad press and higher price points.

Wh15ky1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

@ Dlacy

I don't think they're being particularly defensive, they're just stating facts.


I have to completely agree with SoapShoes, it really was just the xbox fanboys that thought the PS3 would not catch up.

AngelicIceDiamond1496d ago

"I have to completely agree with SoapShoes, it really was just the xbox fanboys that thought the PS3 would not catch up."

And how is so impossible for the X1? The X1 could potentially reach 10mill sold eventually (shipped so far)

I don't go by popular opinion of what everyone else thinks here. I know half you guys think its utterly impossible to catch up to PS4 (for whatever reason) considering last gen 360 fanboys were spitting the same nonsense and look what happened.

The PS continued its push with its AAA's its advertisement (Kevin Butler) Its bundles and better price and its a house hold name. Blood sweat and tears and Sony pulled it off.

MS is doing the exact same thing here. Have an open mind anything can happen.

But I don't expect anybody to listen or have a no open mind. Oh well I don't care to play sales numbers at the end of the day I play games.

MS FINALLY realizes this gen that and making steps to deliver consumers compelling games.

Not compelling Xbox/Kinect sales figures.

Wh15ky1496d ago (Edited 1495d ago )


I agree with the commenters above that the two situations are not comparable.

The PS3 caught the 360 by almost continuously outselling the 360 worldwide throughout the whole of last gen.

The One has not come close to equalling the worldwide sales of the PS4 at any point throughout the whole of their first year on the market.

For those reasons the two situations are not comparable.

The US and possibly UK should be close but the One will probably not come close to the PS4 in sales anywhere else. Is it impossible? No, nothings impossible, however, I would go as far as to say it is extraordinarily unlikely.

It really was just the xbox fanboys that thought the ps3 would not overtake the 360. I don't think many people though it would take as long as it did but pretty much every level headed, knowledgable person knew it would at some point.

Spotie1495d ago

Just curious, but how many times will you guys try bringing up the PS3 last gen before you get it through your heads that it's not the same situation?

Literally the only thing that's the same is the being behind. Oh, and costing more, though not at the same ratio, and even that doesn't really exist anymore.

The XB1 isn't outselling the PS4 as the PS3 was doing to the 360; it's not winning in ANY region, let alone overall. The XB1 didn't launch a year later than the PS4, and it has weaker brand strength.

They're just not the same, so please stop trying to make people think they are.

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Mechanism1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )


What? No.. The PS3 was released a YEAR later and outsold the 360 from there on out globally every single year, and over took in sales years ago.

I think it would be tragic if MS hadn't outsold PS4 somewhat this month, with multiple price drops, giving away of games, and the remaster collection of their highest selling franchise.

People will gloat when MS have almost been giving their product away (some good games for the holiday season granted).

Also, the kid yanks will only care about US sales for some reason, when the global situation is a different story.

Sony haven't had to lift a finger.

ReturnToSanity1496d ago

Actually the 360 had dominated the industry (excluding the Wii) until neat the end of the 7th gen when PS3 finally caught up. I don't know where you're getting your info from, but it's greatly incorrect.

InTheLab1496d ago


The 360 was outsoldoing globally by the ps3 all but one year. Do you think the 10m console gap was erased in a year? That would mean in one or two years, the ps3 outsold the 360 by 5 million instead of steadily beating them by a million or two each year to catch up 3 years ago.

xxmagicmanx1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Typical Sony fan comment without proof

Telzie1496d ago

I think MS still have a lot of catching fire to do but they have Def righted the ship.

@Mechanism "the kid yanks", wow did you step out of a time machine from the 1700's I guess your a "limey Brit".

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Christopher1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

In order for the Xbox One to 'catch up' to the PS4, there have to be proof of it selling more than the PS4 for a whole month.

So far, that is not shown at all.

Having said that, here are my two items of note.

1. XBO will likely perform better in many areas this month due to the fact that they are selling a console for about 2/3 the usual cost due to the price cut and free game(s).

2. While this is a good thing for consumers who wanted an XBO, this is far from a good thing from MS. This is desperation. This is them losing money. In order to make anything out of this, MS needs to continue to sell consoles and they need gamers to start buying all of their multiplatform titles on their console rather than any other.

Side note: The fact that a lot of journalists are making this out to be a glorious thing is horrible journalism. You're ignoring how far the company has to go to get people to have any interest in their product, let alone pick it up. Somehow, it's selling better and no matter why, it's a good thing! That's just silly. The lengths MS has to go to sell their latest console to match their competition is a sad state of affairs for MS and not something their shareholders are liking at this moment.

miyamoto1496d ago Show
Sm00thNinja1496d ago

And the 360 had a year head start. So I don't see your logic

Insomnia_841496d ago

Even with all the bundles,games, and price cuts, they are still not selling as they would expect so now they are coming up with this nonsense to try to build hype.

It's Microsoft's words against weekly/monthly reported numbers. I think I know which I will believe.

I wouldn't fall into this crap knowing the plans they got on hold for the gaming community. I'm pretty sure many won't forget that and it is the reason the Xbox One isn't selling no matter what they do. Their "look at the games" marketing bs won't work for me and neither will their fake "we love gamers" temporary stunt. F U MS! I'm looking at the kind of greedy company you are,what you wanted to do and what you STILL plan to do.

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Benjammin251496d ago

It won't even be a contest in Europe or Japan. Us? Who knows.

sonarus1496d ago

so i am supposed to believe all of a sudden the xbox sold like 2million in 3 weeks? Not buying it

Silly gameAr1496d ago

Yeah, this is weird. It's even more weird that people are so willing to swallow it so easily.

Then again, with MS practically giving X1's and games away, it could be true.

sonarus1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Even with that i am still not buying it. The logistics of moving 2 million in 3 weeks is very very impossible to happen by chance or without at least some supply constraints along the way. For this to happen microsoft would have had to overstock retailers heavily without anybody knowing.

My guess is that microsoft is just doing typical pr dance. They could be around the 7 million mark maybe 8 million. Both of these numbers could arguably be considered as "Closing in on 10 million"

Goku7811496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Catching fire as in malfunction? Because Xbox One is way behind in sells, no denying or out spinning that. Maybe good sells due to MCC but thats about it. This must be the marketing machine at work trying to boost holiday sells.

strangeaeon1496d ago

It's "sales", not "sells".

rainslacker1495d ago

The Hindenburg caught on fire as well...

DeadlyOreo1496d ago

How is the Xbox One catching up when it's always being outsold? I don't understand this.

PR_FROM_OHIO1496d ago

Yea that cracks me up that make no sense at all! Lol the only way to catch up is to outsell the competition and that hasn't happend yet! So if the XBOX1 is at 10 mill the PS4 should be around 16 or 17 million right??

Unarmed_Civilian1496d ago

They will sober up when this holiday ends and sony starts releasing exclusives starting with Order, they have nothing on exclusive end till late summer.