Nintendo Are Back On Track

Illiya from Awesome Games writes: 'I’ve always been a stalwart supporter of Nintendo, even during the dark days when a large majority of gamers wrote them off as a company who were only producing games for kids or, worse still, the lucrative casual audience.

But the big N always has a plan. And although the company has had to reevaluate its primary focus over recent years, Nintendo appear to be reconnecting with their core fan base who have supported them through thick and think. We’ve finally got our Nintendo back.'

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Dunban671409d ago

I agree that Nintendo has listened to their fans in some of the examples you mentioned in the article; however, I don t understand why Nintendo does not want to acknowledge the same- most anytime fans say Nintendo listed because of ex. Op Rainfall or Majoras s Mask they are quick to deny these decisions were influenced by fans -