​Assassin's Creed Unity Just Doesn't Run Very Well On PS4 Or Xbox One

Kotaku writes: "I've played a fair bit of the game on Xbox One, and have found the frame-rate to be a real bummer. To my eye, it generally seemed like it was hovering somewhere south of the 30fps that most gamers expect as a bare minimum, and frequently dropped well below that. When I'd play online on my otherwise stable internet connection, things were worse."

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darthv721408d ago

Is the performance something that can be fixed via a patch? one that would alter the code to spread out the processing of information among the 8 cores available in each system?

thinking back MANY years ago...there was a game called POD. it was one of the first games to tout support for Intel's MMX. And while the game initially did not come with the MMX support, it was added via a patch and it did make a difference. Just like when older games received patches for different 3d accelerator cards (PowerVR, 3dfx, S3D...)

So the ability to patch the game for genuine multicore cpu support seem possible. But the question is....will they (ubisoft)?

Volkama1408d ago

They can patch in whatever the hell they want, none of the code is untouchable. It doesn't mean they will patch in anything at all.

NovusTerminus1408d ago

Anything can be patched.

And I think the will fix it. Like all open world games there are a certain number of "acceptable glitches" and it will be patched to that point.

3-4-51408d ago

I've had it since the first day and my game on the XB1 has been running fine.

purebennyc1408d ago

Given that they "locked" the frame rate at 30fps the frame rate issues have been a real surprise. I've even had a moment where the frame rate drops to what seems like single digits and I was in a building with no-one else around, which didn't make any sense at all.

It's a real shame that these issues detract from what is, for the most part, a gorgeous looking recreation of Paris.

hello121408d ago

Runs good on PC they should have know the game would have trouble running great on console. If you can't hit 30fps scale back don't release it in that state.

BodineJCS1408d ago

Pretty smooth on my middle of the road I5-750 and gtx 970 . There are some problems with the game but fps isn't one of them in my case .... Running it at 1080p very high setting ..v-sync enabled

seanpitt231408d ago

Yeah playing it on the ps4 and it's really bad must of been in the single digits at one point

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