10 Celebrities You Didn’t Realise Were Hidden In Your Video Games

A few weeks ago we did an in-depth piece about the various times grade-A celebrity talent completely dropped the ball when it came to embodying a particular character or mindset, and although it’s true there are some named actors who fumble when put in the recording booth, there’s others that deliver everything superbly – and then barely get recognised for it.

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Muzikguy1291d ago

Man I hate these kinds of websites. I stopped looking after the first few and only because I wanted to see if they had the Area 51 game in there. I loved that game, and Manson was a big reason why.

Next site like this one I won't be clicking on though. It's just not worth the effort

captainexplosion1290d ago

The only reason why I clicked through it is because I am a huge Manson fan. I hate these websites.

Findingcrybabies1290d ago

Lol I said the same thing not too long ago. Click bait. Site act like they aren't to blame for things like Adblocker. If they wouldn't have made full screen advertisements blaring at max volume with windows so big you couldnt even click off then 90% of the internet wouldn't be running ad block and refusing to turn it off. This is just another tactic.

Muzikguy1290d ago

No kidding. What's so hard about putting all 10 on one page? It's even bad on mobile, which says how terrible the site is. Ads have really started to ruin the internet if you ask me. Half the time they're advertising something that's free. That makes no sense

SolidGear31290d ago

Speaking of Manson, new album releasing in January :D

captainexplosion1290d ago

It was supposed to be October. I'm not particularly impressed with the little I've heard off the new album.

viperman2401290d ago

Speaking of Manson, did you see what he did to Juice on Sons of Anarchy? lol

Sorry if you dont watch the show.

AntsPai1290d ago

So as to not give them a click what was the list?

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