Hey, games publishers. Players are laughing at your piss-poor quality control

VG24/7: "Ubisoft and Microsoft are the latest companies to release games that are being ripped apart by the community."

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TedCruzsTaint1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

And yet they are laughing to the bank the fact that so many of you pre-ordered it . . .


Pretty much.
I by no means condone what they are doing. Nor am I damning gamers. But, really, gamers are allowing things like this to happen by making the same stupid consumer mistakes, buying into the preorder culture and never actually holding crap publishers responsible for their actions (banning future purchases of their games).
I write for Duuro, and we've made a point not to cover Ubisoft titles for a good while now (Child of Light, Valiant Hearts to name a few).

M1ST4K31408d ago

Exactly my though on reading this title... the only ones laughing are Ubisoft themselves... I was ready to buy this game... I'm so glad I don't have the habit of pre-ordering things...

They can even say: "You pay your money and you take your choice"

Why o why1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

I'm not sure what the refund laws are out here in the UK in regards to games. I would be interesting to know how you prove the game is broken in order to get a refund as that would apply to 99% of consumable goods. Whats the consumer law for games out in the US?

TedCruzsTaint1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Virtually non-existent.
Revolves almost solely around the rules set by the retailer.

Dark_Overlord1408d ago

I contacted Trading Standards about this before, if you believe the game is broken and not as was originally advertised, you can request a refund for it (Which would be easy considering negative videos are everywhere). The shop can request you give them 2 weeks to fix it (not that they can). If they can't they have to give you your money back :)

If they refuse (most will as they lie and say anything to not get a refund), just contact your local Trading Standards who will happily take on your issue :)

Ma1nframe1408d ago

I've been saying for years how Ubisoft are the kings of bullshotting and downgrading. Didnt pre-order, didnt buy and NEVER will, from them. Liars and cheats and all you suckers fell for it again (watch dogs anyone) lol.

Clown_Syndr0me1408d ago

"Ubisoft and Microsoft" come on, be fair, Sony dropped the ball with Driveclub just as bad if not worse.

But this sort of thing is getting more and more common and it isn't acceptable! Even with a 30Gb day one update to Halo MCC it still doesn't work properly. I haven't tried it today, but its my only day off until Monday so it best be improved or I'm going to be raging!

M1ST4K31408d ago

You're right... although both Sony's and Microsoft's problems were kinda different... Server stress testing is REALLY hard... It may work fine with 10k people and break with 11k... there's not really a reliable way to test the servers for what will happen in real life... Still, they failed with their predictions... And they are to blame.

Jdoki1408d ago

A beta test for DriveClub would have thrown up these issues long before they took peoples money on Day 1.

Destiny's servers had almost zero issues (some login queues that were quickly fixed, but nothing broken).

It seems like common sense that for a network heavy game, you have to do more than synthetic tests.

buyakabuyaka61991408d ago

"Come on, be fair, Sony dropped the ball with Driveclub just as bad if
not worse."

He IS fair. Http://

Christopher1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Did you not finish the sentence? He said 'latest companies'. I don't think he's giving them a pass, only these are the two items we're dealing with this week alone.

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Perjoss1408d ago

Many of the larger companies are not playing it smart at all, rather than build a loyal fanbase by treating gamers to polished games and the occaisonal goodwill gesture in the form of free DLC or patches that address concerns and requests that the community may have, instead they are practising a non sustainable business model by just thinking about the here and now and squeezing as much cash as possible.

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