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For the second year in the row, Activision, like a crafty snake oil peddler, pushes ‘a next-gen Call of Duty’ by replacing developers, locations and characters. Goodbye, German cyber-shepherd, orbital kinetic missiles and a crazy Venezuelan dictator. Hello, exoskeletons, holograms and a corporate megalomaniac played by Kevin Spacey. But the glitzy CG cinematics and sweet PR songs hide the stale 10-year old gameplay formula.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

I think most would agree that this score is ridiculously low. The game is great and a good change for CoD. It has great campaign, good gameplay, and fun multiplayer.

rbailey1104d ago

I agree 100% with your comment. The campaign is very well done and the multiplayer is fun thanks to the exosuit abilities. Not sure how someone can hate on it this much especially when it's better than COD: Ghosts.

martinezjesus19931104d ago

Game doesn't deserve any less than a 7. Best multiplayer, and story since MW2. Not to fond of the co op but i havent given it to much of chance other than a couple tries with random people. Id give the game an 8 personally

NobleRed1104d ago

Sorry the mp is unplayble because of lag.

caseh1104d ago

First I've heard of it, might be time for you to upgrade your x2 yoghurt pots and piece of string to an actual phone line.

ChronoJoe1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Although Noble exaggerates the problems, he isn't wrong. Advanced Warfare's netcode is archaic, I had hoped we had gotten past the era where it was acceptable to play 1-2 seconds out of sync with eachother.

Even if you don't notice the lag, it's there. It's got the same 'host advantage' issue as older titles, where the higher latency (distance) from the peer-to-peer matchmade host you are, the longer your bullets take to register with the host and the more out of sync your screen will be with what's actually happening on others.

There's a point where it loses synchronicity all gameplay and strategy becomes barely relevant, as you're effectively playing different games.

For what it's worth here's my speedtest:

Utalkin2me1104d ago


Maybe you should read the definition of lag. Lag is when your game slows down, just cause you have high latency doesn't mean it is lagging.

Volkama1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

@UTalkin2Me Lag is a time delay. Video lag, input lag, network lag are all valid terms. It is actually most commonly associated with network latency.

Lag is not "when your game slows down".

Maybe you should be less condecending, or at least less innaccurate with it.

caseh1104d ago


Heheh, JANET network. You in Uni by any chance?

To be honest speedtest ping's are kinda redundant. It can give you a rough idea if something is seriously wrong but it will never factor in the overheads online games add.

Even more so for CoD games, always gets me when I hear an American voice. Based in the UK, the first thing I think is "That's 150ms+ there".

Things were far more straight forwards with dedicated servers.

ChronoJoe1101d ago


Yeah I run off Bournemouth Universities network because I live in a University owned flat on the edge of Campus.

It's pretty handy for streaming and such because the upload speed is ridiculous. :)

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burza19821104d ago

Multiplayer is not a fun. Campers and lags managed to destroyed fun in COD series now for sure.
Campaign is good but does not save the game from criticism because on the end you are spending just 1% time with single player, rest of that time is multi.

DeadlyOreo1104d ago

I've been playing this rather a lot since launch and there are hardly any campers, and camping isn't just a Call Of Duty thing anyway, you get campers in every FPS game. Lag is also practically a non issue, I've only experienced it two or three times since I got it. Sorry to say this but to me it sounds like you might just suck at it.

3-4-51104d ago

Loved it for a day or two, then it got old.

I'd give it a 7.8/10

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The_KELRaTH1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

I see 49/100 is half way to neither hate or like it - it's another re-skin but with jumping.

It's shame they've not improved the netcode for more players and a proper server / game browser.

Note this review is for the PC version where server browsers are expected.

GamerPS3601104d ago

I don't agree with score. I'd give 5 out of 10.

oIITSBIIo1104d ago

49 is too much I think 40 is fair for this game.

Brisco1104d ago

Hahaha, sure a 49. The campaign is awesome and the boosting and stuff gives the game a total different feel. This dude jucks at the game prolly. Can't take this review seriously.

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