Halo 5 Creator: Going 60fps Was An 'easy decision'

Halo 5 is coming to Xbox One, kicking off with a multiplayer beta that'll launch at the end of the year, and TechRadar was among the lucky few to recently their hands on it.

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Reaper29r1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

I'm glad they went with it. Would rather have that than 1080p. After playing HMCC at 60 frames I can't go back lol. And if what we saw at halo fest is anything to go by, the game is gonna look amazing regardless of resolution.

GearSkiN1404d ago

I just wish ps4 and xbox were actually good enough to deliver 1080 and 60 on all their games tho... But man halo being so colorful, nobody would really notice if it's not 1080 I mean who counts pixel on their screen?