Call of Duty Advanced Warfare the most streamed launch title on Twitch in 2014

Neil writes "We all know it's good, but did you know that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare lays claim to a pretty decent title?"

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Software_Lover1373d ago

Shouldn't it be "The most streamed title launch"

Ginesis1373d ago

Advanced Warefare deserves the positive attention it's a really good game.

Perjoss1373d ago

I agree, the only complaint I have is the lack of dedicated servers. For a company like Activision to release such a big name game that is played mainly for its multiplayer and not have dedicated servers for it is just crazy thinking.

IxWoodstockxI1373d ago

Yup the gameplay is fun and the loot system keeps you playing. The Campaign is also a good part of the game Kevin Spacey is great.

Ginesis1373d ago

That loot system...I never knew how much I enjoy getting loot until Destiny and now COD has added it and they have me hooked. Sigh...I've never bought COD DLC but I may buy at least one this time around.

venom061373d ago

ha.. reality is starting to set in as the "new car smell" is starting to wear off and people are realized how many trash elements make up this game. Sadly, blind fanboys will swoop in to try and defend it, but surprisingly, the big CoD YTers are giving it the thrashing it deserves concerning it's most FRUSTRATING issues. Good for them.


Loot system is like the battlepack from bf4