Assassin’s Creed Unity PS4 & Xbox One Issues and Fixes

GameSmoke: Ubisoft becomes new EA after releasing Assassin’s Creed Unity instable versions for all platforms. We have already discussed many issues on PC version, here we will address the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One problems like Stuttering, Helix Credits Issue, Co-Op isn’t working, startup black screen and some other major problems with temporary/possible fixes.

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Repjaws1406d ago

Here's a fix for everyone.Don't buy any bloody games from Ubi and spend it else.They want 80$ for this piece of shit?Piss off Ubi you're drunk.

Viryu1406d ago

Anyone knows how to fix switched R1 and R2 buttons for freerun on PS4? When the prologue started it said press R1 to run, but after a brief moment it switched to R2, and now it's an absolute unnatural nuisance.

Dudebro901406d ago

Literally nothing here except, download the patch, or wait. Good grief this is dumb.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1406d ago

How can anyone justify paying for this game?

How can Ubisoft justify selling this dysfunctional game?

snookiegamer1406d ago

Best way to fix the problem is to refund the game...or don't buy it at all.

How 'bout that!