Review: Football Manager 2015 (DarkZero)

Dominic Sheard: "It was two years ago when Football Manager 2013 splashed onto the scene with its Classic Mode, a genius addition that was aimed for newer people or older fans that might have given up on the series, either because of complexity or time constraints. It was no doubt the best Football Manager game for some time, and the developers, Sports Interactive, were rewarded with praise from the press and from sales with Football Manager 2013 remaining the most sold game in the history of the franchise. 2014 saw a solid follow up, adding more to Classic Mode, even including save swapping with the Vita version, but keeping it simple enough without the bloating. A year later, we are back in the cold and wet month of November with the latest addition to the franchise, Football Manager 2015, which adds bloat to the main mode that made it an obvious choice to me that Classic Mode is the way to go in 2015."

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