Clandestine Preview - Mouse n Joypad

Gale writes -"Stealth is the key to everything. Whether you’re trying to sneak in an enemy base and destroy an insurgent cell or simply stealing some pie from the fridge, it’s all about going in as quiet as is humanely possible, completing the objective and getting the hell out before anybody realises what’s going on. Despite of how awesome stealth is, truly great sneakers are few and far between. Sure, Splinter Cell can be a fun stealthy romp every so often, Dishonored is brilliant and the latest Thief is also pretty good, but compare those three titles with the amount of explosive, bombastic games we’re treated to and you’ll see just how outnumbered these cuties are. In the midst of this situation arises a new title ready to trigger a knee-jerk response in all of us Splinter Cell veterans – Clandestine. With a seemingly similar set-up, an agile-but-useless-in-open-comb at protagonist and a hacker to back her up, this thingie just might be what we need. That is, if it gets out of alpha."

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