[Updated] More Halo Server Updates On The Way Tonight, Matchmaking Improved

343 Industries has more updates planned for The Master Chief Collection this evening, and is reporting that matchmaking has improved.

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BigBosss1342d ago

I'm from Sydney Australia and still taking long to find matches, but its alright I can wait patiently for these online matchmaking issues

4Sh0w1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Yeah I'm in California, I was able to play a few games, so it's improving but still taking waaay longer than it should to find matches.

DarthZoolu1341d ago

It's taking Microsoft 3 day to fix their servers! Rabble rabble rabble

Travis37081341d ago

Just use the cloud and get it over with!

yarbie10001341d ago

Servers don't magically fix code

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No_Limit1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

I am in Northern California and the matchmaking has indeed improve since this afternoon. I can hardly connect yesterday and now it seems to to find a match withon 30 seconds to a minute, which will only improve with more updates.


Im in North Cali to. Fresno.

Cream1341d ago

add team snipers!

gdblose031341d ago

Hey Cream(yourself)... You do realize that they are still trying to fix all the online matchmaking problems and your over here crying about adding more playlist! That is not priority right now...If you want to play Team Snipers that bad you can do so by inviting your buddies to play with you in a custom game while eating a banana.

Cream1341d ago

I don't have any friends.

Naga1341d ago

This just became a very sad story.

gangsta_red1341d ago

It's good to know that MS is getting this done quickly. No doubt that it should be up and running by this weekend. And definitely way before Thanksgiving.

Good job on the speed there MS.

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The story is too old to be commented.