Will Far Cry 4 redeem Ubisoft?

MWEB GameZone writes: "Ubisoft has made a revolutionary mess of the Assassins Creed: Unity launch. Just like Watch_Dogs, Unity was hyped up beyond belief, yet failed to deliver. Far Cry 4 might just be Ubisoft’s last chance at redemption, as failing to deliver again will likely cause the community to give up on Ubisoft games. Thankfully, Far Cry 4 looks amazing.

Here's everything you can expect from Far Cry 4."

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DesVader1346d ago

You can certainly bet on the fact that Ubisoft execs are crossing fingers. FC4 so far looks good, but I think there will be quite a few people holding off now with pre-orders...once bitten twice shy.

Sillicur1346d ago

Exactly what i was thinking.

I will myself hold off on pre-ordering the game, just because i have been burnt by Ubisoft before :(

Army_of_Darkness1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

We'll get a good idea of what's up with this game once we see an "embargo" before release.

My bet is that this game is gonna be 900p @stutter frames per second.

Angeljuice1346d ago

To be fair though, there were a lot of reports leaking out about Unity's poor performance for months prior to release, as far as I'm aware this is not the case for Far Cry 4.

Here's hoping.

HanCilliers1346d ago

Gamers should really be careful to still do pre-orders

lord zaid1346d ago

Except that the gamer community has shown they are too willing to put up with shenanigans. We have a chance here. Let's hope we don't squander it.

Finch1345d ago

I think the down fall for Farcry if there is one, is going to be with the map editor. So far the silence from UBI is not good on it and all is pointing to NO MP map editor maps.

I already Pre ordered Digitally and starting to regret doing so now known the editor might be useless. Kind of wishing there was a cancel option until I know more.

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plut0nash1346d ago

Maybe. There's too much of Far Cry 3 in there for it to be innovative. I did however enjoy FC3 though...

HanCilliers1346d ago

Same mechanics, just with more bling ;)

Sillicur1346d ago

Far Cry 4 looks so good and i have never really been dissapointed with a FC game before.

Lets hope Ubisoft has a smooth launch this time!

crashtestnl1346d ago

Watch dogs was not so bad I think.

Sillicur1346d ago

Compared to what they advertised it was wont you say? The hype surrounding the game was insane!

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