Seriously, Can We Drop The “30FPS Is More Cinematic” Nonsense Now?

EGMR writes: "If you were sober this week you would have seen the troubled launch of Assassin’s Creed Unity, which was basked in controversy as the embargo only dropped some dozen hours after the game went on sale, leading us to discuss the issues of such frustrating practice in detail. Ubisoft has been no stranger to controversy with this game, I mean, surely you remember the whole business over the female characters and all, but if there’s one area where we can move away from simple opinions and get closer to some fact it’s frame rate. As we know Assassin’s Creed Unity runs at 30fps, (and also 900p, if you care), but the game has released as a technical mess, unable to hold a stable frame rate, which is a big part of the reason the game has got ire from the community and mixed critical reception.

"However, I’m not here to discuss the review embargo or the frustrations involved in a game releasing in such a state. I’m here to tell you why Ubisoft actually dug itself a hole with Assassin’s Creed Unity, and made quite a substantial joke of itself."

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decrypt1406d ago

Havent bought the game yet, but people are saying it looks amazing. If the Graphics really are that good and if Ubi really put their sincere effort with the optimization, perhaps they should have considered downing the console res down to 720p, that could have gone a long way to up the FPS (unless they are limited by the CPU).

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1406d ago

What limited them was their inability to code. Plenty of games came out that look better and run better on ALL platforms. There is no excuse for the garbage they charge for.

HaveSumNuts1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

MGS V runs 1080p 60fps now on PS4 open world and it's not even out yet. I could honestly give a crap about Unity or how many NPCs are on screen especially if they still pop up right in front of you. Remember the statement Unity targeting 60fps on consoles? Then they came out with the statement 30fps is more cinematic but Unity comes out it's averaging around 20-24fps that's just lazy. From giving us hope of 60fps to a 20-24fps final product. You people that bought the game, are you happy with yourselves for accepting less than what you were promised and still paying full price? I was raised not to accept bullshit surely you were too.

Army_of_Darkness1406d ago

Tomb raider and the last of us was still very cinematic and awesome at 60fps, so 30fps for better movie like experiences is just bullsh1t.

nX1406d ago

60fps + cinematic effects like Motion Blur and Depth of Field are the way to go. 30fps needs to be optimized very good to be acceptable - AC Unity fails at that.

starchild1406d ago

What a garbage comment. Name these games that supposedly look better, because I have all the best looking games on PC and PS4 and Unity is probably the best looking game I've ever played.

People like you are hating on the game for one principal reason: you are mega fanboys who are simply mad about the parity thing. You want so badly to have some numbers to rub in the faces of those in the opposite console camp.

If you guys were truly concerned with optimization there would be a lot of games more deserving of being targeted than AC Unity.

Unity, in fact, has great core utilization and is properly multi-threaded, unlike AC4. There are no unreasonable bottlenecks due to poor optimization. And the game is also free from the micro-stutter that is normally caused by uneven frame-pacing. You can cap Unity at 30fps and it is very smooth, unlike games like AC4 and Shadow of Mordor that suffer from some micro-stuttering even when I cap them at 30fps.

I can't run Shadow of Mordor at a solid 60fps on my PC with a GTX 770, despite it being a cross-generation game that doesn't have very impressive visuals. And a 6GB VRAM requirement for running "ultra" textures that don't even look that good? Kind of crazy. I have to cap at 30fps just to get acceptable image quality and maintain a steady framerate.

I'm not trying to say that Shadow of Mordor is a bad game or that it runs horribly, I"m just trying to put things in perspective. Shadow of Mordor is a great game, but it doesn't run too much better than Unity, despite being a cross-gen game that doesn't look nearly as good as Unity.

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mrmarx1406d ago

when they said 900p 30fps i was done. wake up gamers. i'm no fool bi can kiss my ass and i'm thinking of boycotting far cry 4. give me 60fps and 1080 or go to hell

Godmars2901406d ago

Offering PC screenshots of console games seem to be an established thing, "less is more" has been a thing since the 360 and PS3 launched, so no.

You'll take you're doublespeak and wish you could slap every PR person across the face with a wet fish - and like that!

Mikefizzled1406d ago

I remember Ubisoft doing the PC screenshot thing for the past 5 years. So it shouldn't be a surprise now.

user56695101406d ago

yeah im still surprise people are still thinking most of these reveals are on consoles. even rocksteady said the batman demo was on pc. its just the fanboys thats trying to use any ammo they can against each other. soon as the know it couldnt keep up or handle what initial was a pc version the play the blame game. same going to happen for most of the games releasing next year

DragonbornZ1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

I'm about to say something that may get crapped on, buuuuuuut
Ok I think the argument of having a lower fps "makes things more cinematic" is somewhat of a cop out to avoid saying "we couldn't achieve this" or to idiotically say that "were pushing the graphical capabilities so were aiming for 30fps instead of 60". Probably how every one else sees it
BUT (here we go) say your'e playing a game or you use to play a game where this big ass explosion went off during some big action set piece and the framerate dips and the explosion turns into this somewhat "slow motion" spectacle, or maybe not and it turned into a choppy mess >_> but ya know it happens sometimes.
Or when your'e testing the graphical settings of a game and you crank it up to high or max settings and your fps is like in the 20's and you turn left and right and it feels like you have increased motion blur, albeit sometimes choppy af motion blur, but ya know.
I don't think it's acceptable to have framerate lowered for a more "cinematic experience" and should be running at optimal performance, and shouldn't even be said by a dev, but I mean soooometimes when you fall to a low fps it feels a bit more "cinematic" yeah in a some type of weird and sometimes unplayable way, yeah? Right??

Anyone get what i'm saiyan?

@Snookies12 Yeah I agree. I wasn't trying to say that's what they did or anything (the code is really bad), just giving my opinion to the "cinematic" quotes from devs. And ooooh yeah, if they could've hit 60 there wouldn't have been any talk about it. I'd imagine it'd be that way with any dev unless graphics were reeeally the main priority in their vision, and it came to a point were the devs game couldn't run at a stable 60fps.

Snookies121406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

I get what you're saying, but they certainly didn't just deliberately hold the game back in terms of the frames per second. If they had simply capped it at 30, the systems would not have framerate dips. This means, that they simply didn't code the game right. It has nothing to do with wanting cinematic quality, it's about their inability to properly develop a game that can run smoothly. You better believe if they had the ability to make it run at 60FPS, they would never have made the 30FPS = more cinematic experience statement.

BigBosss1406d ago

I was thinking of getting the game, but to those who own it on PS4, can you please verify if the game is actually having frame rate issues and all? Also, did the patch fix those problems, etc. Please let me know. Thank you!

skwidd1406d ago

I bought it against what others have said. Some said it wasn't that bad and I'm one of those that doesn't mind the 30fps cinematic excuse. Hell, it can dip down to 25 fps and I might pass if it happened occasionally. But let me tell you, ND.. this game is a mess, a beautiful one. The coders messed it up for the art team who built a beautiful city. But the texture pop ins, the bps glitches, the frame rate... oh man... its a total embarrassing mess and I'd be mad pissed if I worked for the art dept at Ubisoft at how it was programmed. Its awful!

BigBosss1406d ago

wow, okay I'll skip then. Thank you skwidd and bubble up :)

mkis0071406d ago

If you are outside the frame rate is rarely 30fps.

My problem is for the first time this gen a game froze my ps4. Was running from one sync point to another, almost got there after 2-3min of running and it froze...had to hard reset. Wont play again until a patch is issued. They really need to issue a statement. I may just trade it in for the $40 credit guaranteed at Gamestop. I know I trust Rockstar fully.

animegamingnerd1406d ago

i'm gonna leave these here for you to see how big of a mess this games frame rate is.

vanity291406d ago

was inside a cathedral and had dips in fps. Its still fun and beautiful to look at, but the glitches and dips are really bad.

Fell through the map like a beast btw

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DIPSET1406d ago

24fps would be cinematic, but ingame it does not work like that. it has always to be about the highest fps possible. the game wont play itself faster by lets say 144fps with certain monitors (got one of those).

30fps and more cinematic is one of the lamest excuses devs could bring up since cod was charging 15€ for 4 maps and call it dlcs...

jrshankill1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Ever try to watch a blu-ray film at 50 - 60 fps on a 55" TV? The experience is ruined.

Honestly. Try the Lord of the Rings blu-ray. I had to turn it off after half a hour, it is annoying. I kind of get what people say about 30fps for more cinematic experiences, as that is what we are used to in cinemas and DVDS.

Lord of the rings in 60FPS looks like a news-report from TV or something. It is hard to explain, but it is awful.

Tody_ZA1406d ago (Edited 1406d ago )

Games are not movies. A higher frame rate actually affects the gameplay experience and responsiveness. Play Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes or The Last Of Us Remastered. 60fps makes a big difference in fluidity.

The more people want games to be just like movies, the more games will be held back technologically.

Nerdmaster1406d ago

I watched The Hobbit 48fps and now I wish every movie was filmed in 48fps (or 60fps would be even better). Specially the action parts, they are so much better with the higher framerate.

skwidd1405d ago

I agree with you. I played Last of Us at 30 even with the 60 choice. It IS more cinematic for me. I don't need twitchiness for it. However I do want 60 in other games like fighting and sometimes racing. Grid was 30 and it was beautiful. Gran Turismo is about accuracy so I wouldn't want it in 30. Just depends on the game I think.

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