Ubisoft working on AC Unity Fix

Yesterday it became clear that the latest Assassin's Creed title had some serious graphical issues, glitches and connection problems.
The guys over at Digital Foundry analyzed the new title and concluded that Unity falls short on the performance standard set by AC Black Flag last year. On both consoles the game has a hard time maintaining 30FPS.
Surprisingly the Xbox One manages to outperform the PS4 version on several occasions.

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George Sears1343d ago

They need to fix the companion app as well. I lost everything once I synced to my PS4 and now I can't even use the app. I can't purchase assassins and I lost the Uplay points that I used to gain extra points and a UPlay Assassin. The app is completely useless to me and a bunch of others who seem to be having the same issue.

Magicite1343d ago

Ubisoft, how about releasing finalized games, not relying on patches?

Viryu1343d ago

I wish they worked on the R1 - R2 freerun bug. I had R1 normally during prologue, and then out of nowhere it switched to R2. There's absolutely no option anywhere to change the controls, and playing with R2 is an absolute pain.

sungam3d1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

SO they just basically admitted to charging full price for an alpha copy which they intend to fix the bugs through later patches?

They really need to fire their whole test department.

If any of them TRULY played through this game and found nothing wrong then they need to be fired as they should be classified as legally blind.

Meltic1343d ago

Ive already cleared it and uninstalled it. Im glad im done with it. Still side missions too do but i dont play a broken game too long. Waiting for fc4

cyclindk1343d ago

Aren't you worried though? First Watchdogs and now Assassin's... I fear Far Cry 4 may suffer similar... let downs

headwing451343d ago

Do you really think testers have the authority to delay a game based on bugs? Any idiot could find these bugs, it was Ubisoft who decided to release it anyway.

sungam3d1343d ago

Then that just goes to show ubisoft are greedy morons.

If the tester department truly did their job, they weren't just hired "yes men".
They should have notified Ubisoft of the errors.
Ubisoft failed failed to fix these errors, then Ubisoft approved and knowingly sold a buggy game.

Screw em, I hope their share price drop even more.

Mess with the bull, get the horns.

Nilla_Nate1343d ago

How about taking the time to release a finished, tested game instead of being greedy, corporate fucks? No, no, no, that would make too much sense...

Bubiii1343d ago

Some serious issues? This whole game is one big serious issue. Unbelievable!

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