Super Smash Bros. and the Future of the Competitive Scene

With the newest iteration of Super Smash Bros. in full-swing, the core Smash community is at one of those watershed, crossroads of destiny moments. The new game’s getting plenty of love from critics and fans alike. That’s great news, but the Smash community doesn’t rest its laurels on the newest game. Upon closer inspection it’s easy to see where the fanbase is divided, and it’s not just because of Smash 3DS.

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DarthZoolu1412d ago

I love when smash was a super hardcore fighting game. Melee was great Tournament ready! Brawl was too casual and I hear WiiU will be more casual.

Loadedklip1412d ago

Smash 4 is definitely deeper than Brawl but less deep than Melee.

Fans need to understand that the deeper a fighting game gets ... the more it can alienate non hardcore fighting fans from buying it. Fighting games are a niche genre because they are too difficult to understand n even harder to master for the average core gamer.

Melee got away with being deep because no one knew how deep it truly was going to get as advance techniques and movements were discovered little by little in a time when the internet was still young and online fighting games were non existent.

To most people ... Melee wasn't even a fighting game at all. It took years for it to prove itself but by that time Melee had already sold millions.

So far I think Smash 4 does a good balance of being deep but not too hard to learn at a decent level. I doubt Nintendo will ever want to have a wAvedashing shine combing fox destroy new players online with movements and combos that are impossible for many gamers to execute or even hard for them to understand what just happened to them.

Difficult execution imo is what prevents fighting games from being as popular as shooters and strategy games. Melee accidently ended up being really high level on the execution front. But again ... few knew aBout it early on and there was no onine play.