Are Microsoft's efforts turning the tide in the console race?

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Microsoft's efforts to make a comeback in the console race are paying off. Here are four reasons why the Xbox One could overtake the PS4 in the future"

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plut0nash1226d ago

Halo MCC is one the best releases on the console yet tbh, and tbh if we're going to see more 1080p games it won't hurt the console.

HaveSumNuts1226d ago

"1080p games on XB1 won't hurt the console" Diablo 3 *cough*

Ballsack1226d ago

Microsoft are goin all out

Three free games plus price drop bundles in the UK, its ok for now bit the price drop is temporary...this is desperation from microsoft but as a consumer im loving it picked up my so bundle with two extra free games for 350.

Still hate the PR jargon ,nearly 10million shipped?? So could be 8million 8.5million microsofts reluctance to reveal accurate numbers insteaf of spinning things annoys me.

Also for the first half of the 2015 there are not any exclusives ive read about so sony will still have a sizeable lead but for November and december i see ms winning but come january with prices returning to normal halo fever dying down ps4 will continue wherevit left off.

Saying all that im liking my white x1 so far ms done a great job with the interface now i just need the kinect

kreate1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

X1 is 329 + gift card vs ps4 399....
This black friday.

X360 $99 vs ps3 full retail....

Seems like sony doesnt feel any sort of pressue.

Hopefully sony consoles gets outsold on both platforms by the xbox.

Rimeskeem1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

There is a sh** storm going on in an IGN article on MCC right now. People are pissed at the matchmaking issues that are continuing.

@ below

I agree. I do find it silly how games seem to not work at launch and that they fix the problem later.

Tedakin1226d ago

It's ridiculous. There's no excuse for this crap to work this poorly. It's killed all the momentum of the launch for me. I've been looking at a SEARCHING screen for 2 days and probably played a total of 5 matches.

NegativeCreep4271226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Makes you wonder if they will "reevaluate" their current review score of the Halo MCC just like how they changed their review score for DriveClub. I wouldn't wager on it, though.

callahan091225d ago

I've learned not to buy games for online multiplayer on day 1. Been burned WAY too many times. I just got Sunset Overdrive and it's a blast. So much fun, it's tiding me over well until I eventually buy Halo, and by that time hopefully the problems are resolved!

memots1225d ago

to be honest i haven't seem many article complaining about the match making. Where are the doom article that DriveClub got every other article?

tinynuggins1225d ago

If MCC is still having matchmaking issues 2 weeks after the release then yes, i would hope reviews would take that into account. It's already a lot better though.

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TheWatercooler1225d ago

"However, the Xbox One still has to meet the PlayStation's record of selling 10 million consoles (to retailers). Sony announced in August this year that the PlayStation 4 already reached the 10 million record."

Even the average person knows that Sony's 10 million sold was to consumers. The writer needs to get his facts straight before creating an article.

So no the tides are not turning.

miyamoto1225d ago

I wish M$ were men enough to stand by their words and price.

"A quick word on Kinect - I presume there will never be an Xbox One sold without it. You are doing this for developer-related reasons as much as your own. You want all developers to know that they can always implement Kinect technology because it always comes with every system. Would that be correct?

Correct. Xbox One is Kinect. They are not separate systems. An Xbox One has chips, it has memory, it has Blu-ray, it has Kinect, it has a controller. These are all part of the platform ecosystem."

But no. The Xbox One was built by lying cowards. What happened to the "value", "worth the extra dollars"? They were all cut down along with the price cuts and dismemberment, eh?

Who would ever believe a lying company like M$?

jrshankill1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

The 1080p thing really does not bother me. I just want good games.

quenomamen1225d ago

Yes, more ten year old games that an iPad could prob run @ 1080p are a good thing.

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HanCilliers1226d ago

Must say, I am really impressed with what MS has accomplished this year with the Xbox One. It is really just getting better and better.

Sillicur1226d ago

Agreed, they are set to at least make a comeback. I wonder how Sony will respond?

Spotie1226d ago

They're set to turn things around for their console. Making a comeback is a LONG way off.

Choc_Salties1226d ago

Exclusives are one thing, but what about the raw ability to do the thing that they are designed to do, and do it well? Does game X available on both consoles play better on the Xbox?

plut0nash1226d ago

I have one and it's pretty good at all of that. Lords of the Fallen drops frames now and then but rarely ever. Forza 5 runs well 99% of the time. For a system with that low specs it runs things pretty well.

Ps4andxb11226d ago

Better controller.
Better online connectivity.
Better framerates.
Slightly lower resolution, which is slowly disappearing (gta v is the same on each console).

I'd say that overall, it does game multiplats better and have better exclusives and better features like ea access.

Jaqen_Hghar1226d ago

wait a man thought you were talking about PS4 until the end there lol. Of course GTA is 1080p but the framerate will obviously be more stable on PS4 as it is on every game where other things are equal, unless GTA has some better effects on PS4 (not resolution but other settings)

Antifan1226d ago

Better online connectivity my azz. MCC launch failure says hi.

DeadlyOreo1226d ago

Oh come on, you must be joking. Just because an upgraded GTA game is the same on both consoles you suddenly think "it does multiplats better"? Your comment really is a load of rubbish isn't it.

Mehmeh1226d ago

@ Antifan

Haha so your judging the online connectivity of the whole of XBL on one title? Good call.

So by your judgement i can say : Driveclub launch failure says hi. And that would take MCC out of the equation. Still leaving XBL on top when it comes to online connectivity.

Christopher1226d ago

***I'd say that overall, it does game multiplats better***

No. Just no.

DEEBO1225d ago

Lol better controller, the only thing it does new is rumble triggers and that's nothing new.

Better online then why is halo mcc having a hard time working online with this better online you speak of?

Better framerate, why because Ubisoft can't code and ASU runs like shit on all platforms but this a plus to you because the xbox one runs a buggy game better then the ps4? Lol

People talk about the Xbox one like is so great but it's just a weaker ps4 with alot of apps.

My Xbox one is collecting dust,pick up sunset over dive for the kid he beat it like in three days,i didn't even play it more then 30 minutes.traded for COD AW,best trade ever!

SpartanYalo1225d ago

Better online connectivity, can't find a match on MC Collection.

That's none of my business though.

The controller thing is only user preference.
The Only multi-platform that runs better is AC Unity, which not even a High end PC can run properly.

LordMaim1225d ago

Seriously, what the heck are you talking about?
Better framerates and slightly lower resolution?
Does multiplats better?

The PS4 verson of multiplatform games have been consistently superior than the Xbox One version since launch.

You really need to check your facts:

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Sillicur1226d ago

Very good point. The PS4 still has and will always have more power

DialgaMarine1226d ago

Will it turn the tides? Very doubtful. PS4 is already too well established WW, and Sony already has a long term plan to keep the system going. Am I saying M$ doesn't? Of course they do, but it'll at best gain the US back for them. Right now has been more a cry of desperation for M$ than anything. No way have they not lost copious amounts of money with all the price drops and advertising.

SoapShoes1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Its doing well now because of a post price drop spike but we will see how long it is sustained. I don't see it turing the tides even if they win two months this year the PS4 is going to do extremely well still keeping the lead in the U.S., and Europe will be more than enough to make up for a small loss in the U.S. Also PS4 has two more exclusives releasing this Holiday(possibly 3 if PS2 comes out) while Xbox has already came out with all of theirs. Q1 2015 is pretty barren on Xbox just like most of 2014 was whereas PS4 has a major exclusive Feb, March, and April.

thricetold1225d ago

I'm no MS fan but it's amazing that people are just downplaying how important it will be for MS to retake the us, as if sony can just ride the wave of the UK to victory.

If Sony loses a good amount of the us they will be in trouble. All ms has to do then is start buying up 3rd party exclusives to really make a dent. UK alone is going to give sony any guaranteed ww victory.

DesVader1226d ago

I hope Microsoft do well. I think there needs to be competition, because this competition makes for better products for the consumer. Doesn't matter what you game on, just game...

HanCilliers1226d ago

I agree, at least MS is closing the gap between the PS4 and XB1. It might not over take the PS4, but defs constantly improving

purp13m0nk3y1226d ago

To close the gap they would need to sell more than the competition for a given time frame. That is yet to happen.

The gap is still progressively widening with each month. I can see a possibility that the X1 will out sell the PS4 in November/December (US markets only of cause) but to narrow the gap they need to do this consistently month over month.

That is to say nothing of SONY's domination globally. Eventually winning back the US market is quite possible. A global win? At this stage it looks impossible.

Kakashi Hatake1226d ago

MS's form of competition is dirty. They paid for PS4 multiplats to be crippled. Games like Evolve and Assassin's Creed Unity. Please don't justify it. What other reason would a more powerful console underperform to a weaker one.

HanCilliers1226d ago

And then there's Rise of the Tomb Raider and Minecraft's acquisition...

Mehmeh1226d ago

Provide some evidence to back up your claims that MS on purpose has paid to make PS4 multi plats crippled then.

And if MS's form of competition is so dirty. What do you think of, ie. when PS4 advertised with "Only on PS4" for later removing it on Destiny which it had the full exclusive ad rights on. Like I'm just saying if you think MS is so bad, Sony isn't a knight in shining armour either.

But yeah, I dont want PS4 games to be toned down from its fullest potential,
but if MS really did pay for a dev to cripple other versions they would be breaking the law, and I'm pretty certain Sony would have picked it up at some point and sued.

miyamoto1226d ago

Dude that competition has been there between Sony and M$ since the day Bill Gates announced the original Xbox. But its not competition the way most people see it on a gaming level.

At $280 market capitalization, M$ dwarfs Sony at $21 B. That is where the competition is coming from. Not really fair isn't it. M$ has deep pockets but in terms of "brains" M$ has wasted and lost billions upon billions of dollars already with all their anti consumer and anti gamer policies and moves.

So far none of the price cuts have proved and moved consumers to trust M$ again and I will not be surprised if gamers still have that anti Xbox One sentiments this time around.

ReturnToSanity1225d ago

"So far none of the price cuts have proved and moved consumers to trust M$ again"

Really? So Xbox One overselling the PlayStation for 2 weeks and tripling sales have done nothing? Sony are the liars bro, look at Drive Club, where's your free version?

HiddenMission1225d ago


There are no official NPD numbers yet to back that up and no real site is even remotely reporting this claim.

This is simply MS trying to spin like they did last month before NPD came out which said they were dominated on by Sony.

Let's wait to get official numbers and then let's talk.

Mehmeh1226d ago

I just love how people can disagree on your statement.

That some people actually want a monopolised console environment.
Which would benefit the consumers the least.

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